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  1. Maybe try events again. A few sotf (or ACE (which btw is a great name)) exclusive skins will probably help. Add dlc content, for those who already purchased it, or can be bought seperately for sotf (or ACE) Maybe tease weapons and combat related stuff using it. Natural hazards, teleporting pads, maybe abandonned tek bases, with lore snippets. Exclusive maps. Game mode ideas: A game mode with tek, where you find element and tek in the abandonned bases. A quick fight, where you start with nothing and end fighting with bows and slingshots rather than firearms and armies. A giant maze. A malfunctioning ARK, adding one effect every 5 minutes, such as tilted gravity, low gravity, extreme cold spots where the water freezes over, extreme hot spot where things catch fire, broken day/night cycle, etc. The long run, where you play until everybody dies, no arena size change. These are just hypothetical, and I didn't come up with names for the game modes, but you can try. Oh and also, maybe add new bosses, or some from ARK mobile.
  2. Yup, it closed after the trophies were rectified.
  3. Maybe there is a some e-mail or something. Surely this isn't all there is?
  4. Worked on a kibble factory with all egg farms, an actual farm, a beehive, a fertilizer farm, a meat and prime meat farm and a fish meat(and unnecassary prime fish meet farm) close to some sap taps (a few seconds travel) as well as where you can find rare flowers and mushrooms. I have not finished it.
  5. Some sort of anouncement in the form of a twitch stream.
  6. Maybe a game-mode where titans will randomly appear and cause havoc.
  7. I'm tired of waiting. Is 7 literally just the stream?
  8. Now that the trophies have been rectified, can we have phase 7?
  9. If @Aschran is correct, which he hopefully is, phase 7 is in less than 30 minutes. And i'm not sure, but I remember reading on reddit that the ARK had 7 of some creatures and 2 of some. There are 7 phases. I have no clue if this is the case, but I wanted to point that out.
  10. The dna was secretly the ARK code commonly seen in tek areas. @S0DA I like your profile picture
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