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  1. You know what I would love? A simple patch, you already did this patch on ragnarok. When rag was released , spinos were non existing due to sharing the spawn with saber tooth salmon. Then you fixed that issue and all is good in the world. But on island map, the Same Issue still exists, spinos are crazy hard to force spawn by eating all the fish, and boss fights on island as it is don’t give much ele either , so please can we get a patch on island map to fix the spino spawns please WILDCARD.
  2. “There are established methods for escalating exploits to the development team that exist to prevent the spread of information to the general public. The more widely known an exploit is, the more likely it is to be exploited. In these instances you should file your report on the SurviveTheARK website. You can find the link to report abuse or bugs under the support header.” Lol you guys make me laugh , yep cause that works. Can you also release an official statement that says your support team , your enforcement team , is a joke? Cause if you ever want an actual true statement that would be it
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