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  1. Cliff717

    Dire Wolves 🐺 in caves

    OK guys I have a trick to get you an amazing high-level wolf Go to the hard ice cave and right in the beginning Chambers Kill a lv 110+ wolf. Take its implant and revive it in a teaming pen on one of the obelisks. When it is done you will have a 200+ level on easy servers
  2. Cliff717

    How do you quickly kill Therozinos ?

    Pump shotgun works for me
  3. Cliff717

    Ark mobile fishing help

    I have a assendent rod and have done lots of fishing and never get blueprints. Great source of prime meat but no bp’s
  4. Cliff717

    solo Solo Player Dino Limit Increase

    Bump this! We need more Dino’s LOL
  5. Cliff717

    Can’t back up data to iCloud

    Any news on this? I would love to change my account over to my iPhone. What about Devs??
  6. Cliff717

    Can’t back up data to iCloud

    My game on iPhone (new game lv10) saves no prob. I could even access this new game on my iPad. But I want it other way around; as my iPad has my lv72 game on it. But it will not let me save my lv72 game to cloud. Maybe my 72 game is too much data? I have been waiting since I started playing game to be able to play my lv72 account on my phone. I hope they fix this
  7. Cliff717

    get rid of the auto dismount

    100% agree!!!!! I have died so many times because of this!!!
  8. Cliff717

    Primal pass and family share

    Hey guys I was just wondering. I would like to get primal pass but I play on both my phone and iPad. I have family share set up between the two. If I purchase it on one device will it transfer to the other device like shared apps do? Or do I have to buy primal pass for both devices?
  9. Cliff717

    solo Solo Player Dino Limit Increase

    +1 I would pay to increase tame limit also
  10. I would love for this to be available also!