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  1. in today’s episode we tame a Ravager with many many deaths! We also have some classic tribe fights in a good old fashion brawl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWyc47TirwM 42 mins
  2. In this episode we battle the dreaded Alpha Leedsichthys who had kept us trapped in a cove and unable to sail on! Link below to our YouTube channel!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG_C6dBdMNc
  3. Our tribe meets some challenges on our journey to find our main base! Mostly being the dreaded leedsichthys, which we have hatefully dubbed Big Tuna. Watch to see who gets the upper hand in this thrilling video.
  4. Crystal Isles Adventure Ep2 Hello again! We’ve got our second episode up and ready for your enjoyment! A little more drama this episode and the same great cinematic shots! Link below!
  5. Crystal Isles Adventure Series Hi All! Our little tribe has started a series on Crystal Isles and we’ve just uploaded our first episode on YouTube! We’d really appreciate if you guys could watch it! We would love to return the favour by watching any of your series or uploads Or art works whether it be on YouTube, twitch or which ever platform you use! Super excited to be creating in this community. Link Below!!
  6. Cool Ice Wyvern Colour I play on an unofficial server with a few mates and after literally hours of playing we finally found a high level ice Wyvern with really cool colours! I’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find a Wyvern online that looks like her. Anyone seen these colours before and know if they’re from the summer bash event or if they’re normal Wyvern colours? Also I really just wanted to show her off because #pretty
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