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  1. Yeah he was called after an hour,but the German guy only sorted refund for “7 days to die” server.And left a notice to the team and said he will call back later. More than 30 hours still no answer from German guy or from the team neither ticket or other supports.
  2. So,there is a situation that is ridiculous now. I’m an admin of an unofficial server,the owner went to check the payment day and suddenly the server turned itself off,cut the service and downloaded a server for “7 days to die” or something,all happened automatically.So Nitrado literally grabbed 3£ from his pocket to shut down the service.Now he can’t re activate the Ark server despite it says “The server is started.” It isn’t showing in server list. The Nitrado support isn’t responding,Skype,Facebook,ticket..none of them.Only the German line is on but none of us there knows German such as 80% of the world and the American line will be online in 7 hours,great way to rip our establishment stage...great job Nitrado...see who you are working with,Wardrum.
  3. To tame a griffin: You need to be lvl 85 at least or Have the Gold Crown which is bought for 150 amber with primal pass or Be lvl 40 and have the same surname as griffin e.g.: If the griffin’s name is ending with -mir you need to have a name on your survivor ending with -mir To get griffin kibble: You need to make the kibble from FERTILISED griffin eggs or Buy primal pass and get 3 griffin kibble from each monthly lootdrop codes. plus don’t waste your time with allo kibbles or prime meat because it would take at least 5 hours with balm really.
  4. I’m not sure if you wasted your money but pretty sure that you are wasting your time because the is mobile forum,not Nintendo switch forum.
  5. Recently wild dinos have been spawning inside my metal base,3 days ago when i logged in the first thing I saw in logs that my lvl 430 bred wolf with 6.3k hp,150% speed,14k torp,800% dmg,2k stam was killed by a damn wild raptor which spawned inside my base and found another wolf in half hp,today when I came to my base I saw a wild carbonemys inside my base glitched to my wolf which wasn’t event trying to move,with the hope of being a client side render issue I relogged but it was still there. All of these happened in an unofficial PvX server.
  6. I’d say this is another “Chinese Invasion” case,they don’t play this game for nothing except ruining,abusing and try to make something bad for others.Best would be to leave an Asian server and join an EU or NA server,less Chinese there and mostly alphas who fight them.
  7. @Kens2cool and @Mamoth112 While calling yourselves as “having no brain” both of you were right.As in most Asian countries VPN is banned.
  8. The money you spend for PC just to download it would make you alpha of a server in a second on mobile.
  9. Lol you haven't seen the real face of Chinese players.Yeah they are toxic and raiding everyday in PvP but except being toxic raiding is the main point of PvP.But today on an unofficial PvX server in PvE zone a lvl 1 guy with question marks in name came near my base(the question marks are displayed AFTER .is online thingy e.g. .is online ??? ????.,that was considered as a "fail of translation" since the name should be Chinese or Japanese.)so he glitched in to my ichthy pen lured some phiranas in, killed my two lvl 250+ ichties(one had ascent saddle) and claimed a lvl 40 which I unclaimed for a second to breed wolves.Like that's not enough he spayed it because probably he knew that he will be banned.After a second admin came and banned him,I got my lvl 40 ichthy back as spayed...the 2 lvl 250+'s were lost forever with ascent saddle. So seriously wardrum why don't you just region lock servers? If you won't then don't call servers as in regions.
  10. Lol if there were equuses.The thing is,after you press on quest,there is no indicator..because there ARENT ANY equuses. Force respawn doesn’t work,since a “common” creature should spawn within 4 days shouldn’t it?..but it didn’t.
  11. So first of all,we know that IOS devices have crashing problems after update,which isn’t a new thing for this game.But there are also “new features” which are totally brought by devs I could say,it can’t be a coincidence that too many “bugs” outta there. Crashes and lag issues are in a too high level,you can’t run,walk,jump or fly without freezing a second,lag is everywhere.After flying,your flyer will start teleporting when you land.Bases are disappearing,so far 4 bases of 4 different tribes disappeared and another one was heavily damaged by a rex,did I mention that it was a metal base? YES,METAL,how this could even happen? How on earth a rex can damage metal,like that’s not enough,no one knows anything what’s happening around,you know why? Because tribe logs are wiped.Also one of my favorite feature: The UI is disappearing...what a beautiful thing! I mean seriously,what if your lvl 450 griffin fighting a titan,and suddenly the UI disappeared and you can’t do anything.Also when you crash,you need to relog like 5 times.Another feature I like is servers aren’t displaying correctly,I mean seriously the heck are official servers doing in unofficial tab? And that needs like 3 relogs to fix. I understand Wardrum,you are trying to do business here but as a person who brings the income from your “business” I’d say your tactic is totally wrong, While they are so many issues,don’t try to fix them just bring something shiny to make people calm down...oh hey and by calling “shiny” I mean the new equus you “added” it’s not nice to tell peeps you added something to waste their lives that you actually didn’t add.Me and my 2 friends looking for equus for a day lads,cleared all dinos around...still nothing. Now because of your little “mistake” causing your mouth open..daydreaming the amount of the money you will get from the update..you made all players suffer.Seriously none of these things would happen and you’d get 10x amount of money you are getting now by looking at our needs,optimizing the game for 1st one little time lead you to it. Also we aren’t stupid,one little horse you “added” to game can’t cause all of these.
  12. After the newest update,I went to look for equus,couldn’t find any for 2 hours..after that everything messed up with my argy glitching.Its literally teleporting while I fly slowly,fast,walking or even landed(and mounted).Other flyers don’t have this kind of problem and this didn’t happen before update.I tried relog and restarted device but didn’t work.I’m playing on an unofficial PvX server.Please help Here is the link to the video: Thanks Edit:The thing above is embedded link,if it doesn’t work for you this is one displayed as link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/518399697363271691/525380698845216771/video.mov
  13. I guess we will have to look for lower level wolves then,thanks
  14. Hi,is there a level cap for tames on unofficial servers like on official servers? Me and my tribemates made our own unofficial server,got it to hard setting and now planning to tame level 1000+ wolves in snow cave.But I heard that on official servers,any tame on level 450 will be deleted from server.So is it same for unofficial servers? Is there a setting to change the cap or it doesn’t even exist? Thanks.
  15. Meh that's typical ark illness,sometimes I see myself playing ark while dreaming lol. *leave smoking but never leave ark*
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