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  1. I am new to this community but I wanted to say that despite not being able to put pres salt in a pres bin on ps4 and no apparent fix, I have found that using a hyaenadon with a meat pack saddle will give you 16x pres rate. Put pres salt (gives 2x pres) in the Hyaenadon and presto, you have 32x. Still far more than using just the bin at 20x. This has allowed for a longer pres time for wyvern milk and If you stack up to 6 pres salt in hyaenadon inventory it gets even longer. I have also seen the use of a daedons passive healing ability to keep baby wyverns alive. I was still able to imprint 2x on it, making the raising much easier. I just read this thread and thought this might be some helpful info.??
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