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  1. What happened ro giving us the community the chance to vote in the 2nd round? If you missed your chance to participate in the creature submission process you haven't lost your opportunity! We'll be opening up the entire process (submission of ideas, upvoting of ideas, narrowing to a top 10, and commencing a final vote) later this year for a creature that will be added to the game!
  2. Hope all prior components return to fear evolved 3. Dodo rex hahahah i need this in my life. As well as the other bone costumes
  3. Ark transcendence looks awesome we need this . I believe it would be a great adaptation to a great game
  4. I'm happy with the new event. And it's about time I have some awesome red white and blue hats and rockin swimming trunks..very Happy. awesome job wild card
  5. Hopefully it's the Utah Raptor or something of the sort. What ever it is we need it lol. Huge props for all the Awesome things you guys do. And please keep the new Dinosaurs coming
  6. Please add some more Dinosaurs. We love all the good that your team is accomplishing but we need some new creatures to spice things up.
  7. Ia there a chance that you will be adding the Ceratosaurus to the dinosaur lineup.
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