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  1. It was a few weeks ago so I can't remember the exact size, I may have a screenshot. The rumors where in the ingame chat regarding people claiming they had tamed one another server.
  2. It's hard to know because there was no regular carnos nearby.
  3. I've heard many rumors about people taming them and once I was flying around and spotted a bright red carno in someones pen. Still a mystery but maybe i'll test it out when I have time. Peace, -Cap
  4. Me and my mates are on a hard server, personally I haven't beaten the cave on that server merely I can just buy what you get from the cave from others. But someone told me that by using a mindwipe, specing melee using battle tartar and having a 600+ sword gets you through the cave pretty easy. Peace, -Cap
  5. rex is in cave of the south pretty sure
  6. On solo they always spawn on Craggs island (Just east of red obelisk) so search around their in future. Glhf, -Cap
  7. Black pearls also come from trilobites and eutrypid (sea scorpions) Glhf, -Cap
  8. @mitschi131 Alright in theory what you are saying makes sense. But you have to remember that the devs probably don't have the time to make an entirely new game as you are suggesting. Even if things like the AI etc can be used from the original game. We all have to accept that the developers of ARK: Survival Evolved go into their studio in the morning and work on their existing game. They have a road map leading into next year full of our demands that many people long for. It's not that I don't want Aberration or Extinction, it is just best that we don't get our hopes up for massive things like that. Glhf, -Cap
  9. I went on did my daily quest of killing 3 allos then circled whitesky peak 46 times trying to find a giga. its day three still trying to find one
  10. So basically, you are asking another game??? My game runs fine as it is, but adding in dlc's and new maps would greatly effect everyone device. These would include; lowered frame rates, increased lag on servers, you probably wouldn't even be able to fit the new "app" on your device because of RAM problems along with probably destroying all the other apps memory files. I'm just giving you the facts. Another map/app just wouldn't be viable on a mobile device. Peace, -Cap
  11. Okay. I have seen posts like these WAY to many times. The devs would just love to add in new maps/dlc's One problem. YOU ARE PLAYING ON A PHONE. It isn't an alien ware computer specifically designed for gaming. Most mobile devices absolutely STRUGGLE just turning this game on and loading the spawn area. Adding in another completely new map along with creatures, graphics and AI would probably make your phone explode. Let alone with this. It is a free game. You cant expect amazing things from the rather expensive paid version on the computer on a free game on your phone. And don't get me started on how large the files would be. Sorry if I sound angry I've just seen posts like this way too many times, -Cap
  12. @ScreamingVioletOn the topic of water pens, mine is in in the giant water pool underneath red obelisk. Its great because hardly ever see creatures spawn inside it and its pre-built, slapped some turrets along the border and put behemoth gates on the drop off from the two rivers into the red obelisk. Its a great spot that surprisingly fits everything, from itchy to tuso its all there Happy Halloween, -Cap (sorry for typos im at school and tryna respond and do maths at same time xD)
  13. Agh so peeved. I had the exact same mission. I had a seventeen day streak... Ran carno island for at least three hours and never found a single one. @WarDrumJordanI feel like some of these daily pursuits are really unbalanced. I mean first of all, there really should have been a marker for where the alpha raptor is, I mean come on. THREE HOURS and never found a single one. And second, I've encountered very drastic changes in difficulty of these pursuits. Like mate. I'm level 83. And its asking me to hatch a dodo. A DODO? Why not quetzal or mosa!? I've hit the fricking tame limit I'm not going to kill off my 100% imprinted dinos just so i can tame two dodos. Also I encountered a fishing pursuit where I had to catch three fish. I had to catch them in the bay just East of the skylord cave. How ever when i got there their was nothing but one sole fish... I revisited but to no success they just didn't respawn. After a couple of retries and almost giving up I finally caught the three fish. It was a pain in the neck though... Please revise some of these pursuits and optimize them a little. Peace, -Cap
  14. @UbellurisIt will take some time, leave everything you dont need. Put heavy resources in your land tames and create a covoy. It may take a while and you may loose some lives... but its worth it... trust me. Peace, -Cap
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