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  1. I went on did my daily quest of killing 3 allos then circled whitesky peak 46 times trying to find a giga. its day three still trying to find one
  2. @ScreamingVioletOn the topic of water pens, mine is in in the giant water pool underneath red obelisk. Its great because hardly ever see creatures spawn inside it and its pre-built, slapped some turrets along the border and put behemoth gates on the drop off from the two rivers into the red obelisk. Its a great spot that surprisingly fits everything, from itchy to tuso its all there Happy Halloween, -Cap (sorry for typos im at school and tryna respond and do maths at same time xD)
  3. @UbellurisIt will take some time, leave everything you dont need. Put heavy resources in your land tames and create a covoy. It may take a while and you may loose some lives... but its worth it... trust me. Peace, -Cap
  4. @Ubellurissome other projects you should work on may be: building a breeding pen and beginning to imprint your tames or investing in a farm. Farms are incredibly useful for taming snails and herbivores in general along with providing narcotics and stimulants for cave runs and harder tames.
  5. I agree dolphins are trash i remember I first tamed a sarco that spawned south on a tiny island just south of a small metal rich hill (not sure of cords soz) called him steve and i was on my way to getting around the map at amazing speed. He was my favorite mount. Then the jellyfish came... well its all good, tamed another one and led a peliso to the cave just east of the iceberg. Easiest pleiso tame new fav water mount (ofc until i tamed my mosa last week (well I also rly love my tuso but i got no saddle so its pretty pointless apart from oil))
  6. Where do you live? Location is key. Try moving to harder areas such as the clearing outside Middle Chamber Cave, or to the secret lake which is easily defendable and close to: snow for wolves, fars peak for metal and ocean for sea tames. Regarding caves. Go to the snow bring lots of sleeping bags (fur Armour also recommended!) and use a bow to knock and tame a dire wolf. They are amazing tames, easy to tame with a bow due to its short reload time, runs at fantastic speeds can do brutal amounts of damage and are easy to breed and imprint. Along with this they are savage cave runners. Good luck, -Cap
  7. @zZStalkerZz I've never gotten bow bp in caves either, I have gotten mc compund bow from ice cave b4, apparently one of the only ways of getting it is by completing the hint dilo mission. (apparently its one of the rarer drops. Soooo i guess its time to force all my tribemates to masacre some dilos...
  8. Hey guys the topic is pretty self explanatory, i am on an easy pvp server on mobile and my stupid new recruit thought itd be funny to take one of my best bps into a cave... ofc he died and lost it. Not 100% sure where i got my asc bow bp but would like to know if anyone knows where to get them. Thanks! -Cap
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