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  1. How are we supposed to report locations on a nitrado ps4 server? As far as I'm aware you can't use the console command to copy your location.
  2. Releep's Server, PvPe, 5x xp, 5x harvest, and other boosts Releep's Server PS4 custome server. I will usually have the server set to the Halloween event except during other official events (ie Christmas, Easter) 5x XP multiplier 5x Harvest Multiplier 18x Taming speed 5x Swim Speed 2x stack size Slow fuel consumption, Boosted Player and Dino stats, Massive breeding boosts, And lots of other improvements. I only have so many slots available so Email me at releep78@gmail.com use the header Ark Server and tell me a little about how you play and how often you play. If approved I'll Email you back with the password.
  3. Hey Jen when is Wildcard going to fix ps4 dedicated servers? I host a dedicated server for me and my friends to play on and we can't change maps without restarting our characters. In other words we loose the learned tek gear we learned from playing on the island, we loose all the locked gear from Scorched when transferring Etc.
  4. One thing on ps4 that needs fixing is the ability to move our characters from one dedicated server to another. I run a dedicated server on a ps4 for me and my friends and when we decide to change maps it forces us to start a whole new character. That also has the effect of locking the map specific engrams that we already had learned from previous maps we played through.
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