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  1. Can I ask where you're getting that number from? Also, no thanks.
  2. I really enjoy breeding on unofficial, however on official (where I currently am) the timers between are giant (about 3ish days I believe) so breeding for that sort of colours would take ages, especially on wolves where the babies are not even eggs! And I like the idea of separate outposts, maybe that is something I will do. That is, if I can find a good location, official is pretty cramped and crowded.
  3. Thanks, zoo's on official are generally hated on and it is pretty laggy as it is. Helping newbies is actually something I do, mainly as payback for people helping me. I am currently looking into caves. And yeah this is like my third PvE run (but to be fair I didnt get far on the last two - about taming a rex and nearly starting the bosses).
  4. I am on official so the only way for me to obtain these items is through trade, whilst I have been trying this, It is a slow process as people on the map don't seem to be ready for trade yet. But yes, It has changed the meta quite a bit (as new maps always do) and buying the DLC would probably put me at an advantage against the people who do not.
  5. Damn, guess we have a salty PvP player. At least when they do complain, the biggest tribe on the server (stacked with gigas and tek) can not just come over and plant c4 on my base while I am not online. Or kill all my dinos every time I log off. Or team on SmallTribes. I have played PvP quite a lot actually, and currently I do not have the time to dedicate to it. PvP is for some, PvE is for others.
  6. Yeah that is a solid point, probably should have just googled it. I feel like I may have given off the impression I am a total noob, when in reality I have played the game for a while, however I was just on PvP, getting wiped and restarting. I have raised bred, imprinted dinos before, aswell as running caves on boosted with flyers (barely counts ik). I was just asking about that specific cave you mentioned however yes, it probably makes more sense and saves you time if I just google it. Thanks again.
  7. Griffins only spawn on the map Ragnarok. If you are already on Ragnarok, that is me stumped. They are not the most common dino but also not so rare that you should not have seen one. Hope you are enjoying the game, have fun! Edit: I was unaware of Griffins on the island on Ark Mobile, my bad.
  8. Guess I will have to get some dimorphs, did not see that happening. Sorry, what do you mean by 'solid mounts', I am not really sure the size of creature that can enter the jungle cave. And I originally planned to play the island, but every single area is pillar spammed or coated with thatch and wooden huts.
  9. Console is not too bad, probably not as good as a decent PC but compared to a Nintendo switch I imagine the difference will be unnoticeable.
  10. Slightly off topic, but I imagine this means you know which caves to run. I'm currently on rag (moving soon). Which caves are the best for loot, and which caves are the easiest to run. Yeah thanks, I was kinda wondering what objectives people assign for themselves. Hopefully as inspiration for myself.
  11. Thanks. Whilst I myself dont own extinction, I think I can (sort of) apply this to other dinos. Maybe in the form of cool colours and extreme cases of high stats.
  12. Hey guys, So I've been playing PvE for about a week now, and going fairly strong. Can someone please give me some objectives to complete? Theres the obvious ones (to me): Max Level All bosses All versions of ascension Achievement hunting (exp notes, exploration, artifacts) These will very clearly take a long time, however I am curious what people do afterwards, with the co-operation and teamwork of PvE I have encountered to far It seems like many would have completed these things. Basically, what is next. Thanks
  13. Yes thank you. Looking forward to the release!
  14. Hey guys, console player without extinction here. Wondering if Velonasaurs tail damage is increased with its base melee when levels are put into it. I imagine so but am not sure (I also need to rank up my account to trade) Thanks
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