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  1. lyxoR

    Where's the hype?

    Hey people, the release date is the 29th or 31th, take it like u want
  2. Then if there are still some pvp with 2 to 8 players on servers it's good for those servers, but I think after 5 years since those servers exists WC lost money buying new servers for every new dlc instead of just taking some of the legacy. The low population + the economy of WC i guess those are good reasons to delete some legacy servers... I played on legacy when it was the officiel server, and just restart from zero everytime there is new dlc or new cluster and that's realy a good way to play the game. If you prefer staying on your old servers after 5 years idk what to do for you.
  3. I mean, is there realy some pvp in PvP legacy servers in 2020 ? Its more like some chill pve server anyways, and you will not lose your things you will be able to play your map and everythings was on, so where is the problem ?
  4. Does that just mean people can't connect to the terminal anymore ?
  5. Ok ppl i think we are going too far. The image name is "out" so, just take the part of dna which is "out" the dna. I think we just have to get something from that
  6. Just a new idea, think most of pvp players will like it. When you start a dlc or a map, you opened everytimes like 5 up to 25 servers in a row. The problem is that after 1 week, only those few tribes which are not dead will stay on the server, like 20 ppl for exemple. Those 20 players are happy, dont worry, but others ppl who « lost » mostly because they are less in the tribe or not enough time to play will not have any second chance, they will try again (desperetly) or simply stop (what does the most) because they will get wipe anyways, its too late for them. So they will just leave ark or go unnoficial. After week and week only the alpha tribe will stay. So all that said, just open few server 1 week, more 1 week later etc for give à second chance to everyone, then ppl who lost will have no excuse, because you gave few chances, but for solo/duo pvp players in small tribes for exemple, its pretty hard and only have 1 chance is just too hard for them to keep playing on official server pls for futur launch, that will be great :))
  7. Need duo/trio server without meshing and offline raid (also dupe), that's all
  8. Then go for 3/4 players, with x2 and x3 in week-end, nerf tek and x2/x3 offline turret ? Honesly, everything can be modified, cuz anyways it will be greater.
  9. I just see people want wipe and not legacy, and people no wipe and legacy, i just have an idea for you Why not put the actual official on legacy, and come with new servers with a new officials Legacy will have alpha tribes pvp, pve will have new friends, and people will try out a new reset and a fresh start for everyone I just imagined that right now, but why not do in this new cluster what i told earlier in the topic, then just make the best new official as possible : And we are done
  10. Lower gathering and specific raid times also the stronger turret damage is not what people want, i explain. Lower gathering for solo player is just impossible, a big amount of times is needed to start correctly, and with big tribes on the server this will be even harder, then less player. Specific raid... People want to play the game any times of the week, pvp is a big part of the game, if you can pvp only the week end, then the rest u just farm ? in pvp server ? And stronger turret damage will just make impossible again for solo player to raid, as you maybe know that rushing with beer and c4 is a classic, that's how solo people can pvp and raid, that's why you just need to add the offline raid proction, which is the best idea, to make turret much stronger, because you are just not there to defend. Please stop promote things u think is good for you and not for everyone, ty
  11. The only problem for that is you just built up and everything you are doing will not stay, and just that will make people less playing, less try hard. I don't even want a gameplay like that, i don't think i will play on a 6 month wipe server, and for few friends too. I realy think wipe when there is only 1 tribe on the server is ok, then just wait this time. As you said, if only 6 ppl play the server, just wipe it, but if you add a timer in your server, you already know you can destroy absolutely everybody who come to start because you know it will not stay forever, hope i get understandable
  12. Ark without flyer isn't ark, pvp with flyers are the basic and one kind of the most fun. Fly is fun anyways.
  13. Beginners are just for starting more easier (cuz it is always reset) than any official servers where tribes are already on and good to wipe everyone. That just give you a chance, and easier way as possible, that's all. If you just start ARK in general you will not go in pvp anyways :'). If things are hard, it's because a lot of people like that, and i am a part of them
  14. The beginner cluster wipe every 2 weeks is the best idea right now for all the modes in ark. If 3/4 mans servers is created it's should be a must
  15. I think that's a good idea but not for official, ark has been sell for dinos, if u can't tame them or breed that's a bit a lie at this point. That's not for me but why not for an unnoficial .
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