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  1. Sweet... servers down.... servers up (mad lag).... servers back down.... usual ark event....
  2. oh yeah im not saying they cant be awesome to use. but they are so far from rex stats now its not even close. just be good to see more walking and floating around. mind you i play pve
  3. I just want a reason to use some of my old dinos. Would also love to make a huge fish tank....
  4. Make spinos relevant again! Can we get a new saddle or something new to make spinos relevant again. They are useful in abb but honestly can get by without them.
  5. ramrodxr6t

    No wild dinos

    No wild dinos I hardly ever see wild dinos in sunken Forrest... if seen 1 gacha in days. Am I missing something?
  6. Just ask server. Someone may have seen it too.
  7. I look for colours.. but most of all hopefully some breeding boosts and a reason to change my base up.
  8. Worst colours eeeevrr. Dodorex still running around....
  9. Hi. Any limit on tribe? I have a friend that might play also. We are a bit sick of slow. Only played pve tho. Also what maps. Is it the 3 and an arena? Any start help? Thank you
  10. That's good. What's the engram? Is it done at a replicator or ob for other maps?
  11. Why would you? Can it be made into element on other maps? If so how
  12. OC Scorched earth 392. During the event for extra life the server has such much issues it is beyond unplayable. As the event raised the multiplier ot got worse and worse and to the point where things were standing still. All dinos that were bred continued to grow quickly but the timers for imprinting were stalling and sometimes gaining minutes at a time. Some had dinos hatch an hour into the event and all 13 are still yet to need inprinting. Closest being 2 hours away. It is 17 hours into the event BTW not 6..... Taming is impossible. Cannot chase dinos while you, ur tame and the dino you are trying to get is rubber banding across the map. Resource gathering is impossible. Flying is danergour as tames randomly land minutes adter trying to. But with a thud and half health missing. Continuous rubber banding.
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