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    I understand the games been out for along time many have played for years. I was just curious who still is interested in semi boosted servers like 3-5x tame,breed,maturation. I looked through unofficial list today and 99% of the servers are 50x instant tame and so forth. But there has to still be people out there who like working towards goals in the game that don't want it handed to them. I just don't understand the fun in having everything people worked for months to achieve be achievable in a day, owned by kids who will wipe the server for disagreeing with someone's logic in chat. I ask this cause I have been thinking about purchasing a unofficial that's just a semi boosted good ol regnorok pvp servee . Ran by an adult with a job and a family who could keep something like this going with ease for years. But I'm worried the old player base who enjoyed the work and pay off is gone and this will just end up being a dead server. I'm not trying to advertise I'm just trying to get an idea before I went through with that I guess. And if there are people with that mind set still out there what would you personalize like settings to be. Thanks for reading.