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  1. Another Major update coming to The Center!

    Just a quick update as its now know a bit more clear what is and isn't going into the update. First of all it has been confirmed that the jumping puzzle has been disabled still until it can be fully tested sometime in the future, not much I can do on this one just needs time put into it that we currently don't have to ensure it doesn't break balancing drastically again Second of all, dragon boss will most likely make it into the update after all, it is implemented and working as far as I can tell, just needs some testing to ensure
  2. I have always been a huge believer in being open and clear about changes that very clearly effect players and I've also seen a bit of confusion about exactly what is and isn't coming in the next major update to The Center so I was hoping to clear some things up. The below list is split into 3 parts, things I know are definitely coming in the next update, things I hope to get into next update if time permits, and the last one are things I wish I could but probably do not have the time for. I do not currently have a release date yet for this update but I believe it's towards the end of the month. TLDR: Lots of awesome stuff -- Server information can be found at the bottom of this post. Definitely coming in next update: - Giant new ocean expansion: This makes the oceans in the eastern edge of the map over 3X deeper. Why did I focus on this exactly? I knew the underwater bases were incoming and I thought it was a very unique gameplay feature the game hasn't seen before and wanted to give players some really amazing places to build new bases. The oceans never truly felt like oceans before, more like deep lakes so wanted to expand on that a bit more as well with truly deep/dark oceans. The kind of areas you'd expect to find angler fish and other deep sea life This new area provides tons of VERY large flat spaces for player bases, as well as another interesting source of obsidian around some volcanic vents. As with any area of the map I did not provide every resource type here so although you have heavy access to rock/oyster/obsidian you do not have access to metal down here other than the small amount you can get from rock. This is to encourage players to move about the map more and make no single area too powerful or important over others. - Adding missing dinos: There are a number of missing dinos on the map that are currently not spawning, before you ask "does this include this or that" yes, yes it does include that and this and that too, (even eels, but in lesser numbers :P). - Improvement to current bosses/element: Since the release of the difficulties/element for The Island there have been several complaints about the bosses on The Center or the lack of, as well as the element amount being rather low in comparison. This upcoming update will drastically improve that giving players the ability to now select different difficulties for the bosses with the current boss fight giving slightly more element and harder difficulties giving a bit more. Adding harder difficulties has also allowed me to give a little more options in regards to what tek gear can be gotten on the map. - Explorer Notes: These will include all of the dino dossiers but none of the lore related ones. - Lots of random bugs fixed This time around this mostly includes various holes around the map that players are using to glitch under the map or get out of the world. Hopefully coming in next update: - The reintroduction of the jumping puzzle This one has been a long time coming and tons of changes have been made to this since it was last enabled to keep players from cheating. The ramps heading up have been removed to stop dinos that can jump far from jumping up it, added a pool of water for players to fall into on the way back down. Also thinking about changing this so that this is a one time thing every 12 hours per server instead of once per player every 24 hours. Will likely put something in this room to show if it is currently available or not but this will stop all of the remaining issues we had with this being cheated in the past. Small chance of it coming in next update: - Adding some of the boss fights from The Island This one is a huge "maybe". I know it is one of the most requested features atm for the map but it is not in any way an easy thing to do, some of them may be pretty straight forward but some such as the dragon boss may not ever be possible for technical reasons. One of the biggest reasons this is difficult to simply copy them over and set them up actually comes down to how they are setup. If you look at the boss arenas and their place in the world they are placed underneath the map on The Island, The Center has dozens of layers of complexity under the map so copying the boss fights over directly may simply put them inside one of the very large caves or ocean expansion areas etc... Will need to look into this more heavily to see exactly how hard or easy it will be in the end but chances are only some may be able to be copied over. If you feel like anything is missing from the above list or have any issues in the map specifically let me know ------------------- The server is called: The Center Temp Beta Test Server of FUN and it will be listed as an Unofficial Server. You can direct connect to the server here via: steam://connect/ You can download the updated workshop file here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894188347 If you'd like to pop on early and check out the map, you're welcome to do so as it's the server is online now. So if you're able to log on and help us out, that would be much appreciated!
  3. TheCenter: Public Testing [PC/Steam]

    I'll fix this thanks for the heads up Will go into effect a little later today.
  4. TheCenter: Public Testing [PC/Steam]

    Thanks to everyone who took part in the testing today, things went extremely well and it helped take this one large step closer to official release The server and the beta will remain up until close to official release and the beta will continue to be updated with fixes and new features until it is ready to go so feel free to join in and find issues/leave feedback etc! Thanks again!
  5. Buildings erased during update?

    Not sure yet tbh, it looks like the issue only effected PVE servers. Going to try and get a fix in for this asap.
  6. Buildings erased during update?

    Found the issue, looking into a fix for this now, sorry about this!
  7. (WIP)The Center - Map

    Devestatio - There is currently no land path into the center of the earth. Some things in the map are limited in these ways to separate them from the rest of the map, same with the actual center area being air only. Davidturner - Both of these issues should have been fixed in the most recent updates to the map If there are any other issues definitely let me know and I'll get on them right away!
  8. (WIP)The Center - Map

    Glad you like it The two new water dinos will be added back into the next update along with some major fixes for losing dinos (Thanks to Drake) and several other issues and balancing changes I do hope to expand on the underwater areas at some point for sure! Right now I'm going to be focusing on polishing and making the map as stable as possible!
  9. (WIP)The Center - Map

    Thanks Glad you guys like it! If you guys have any feedback definitely don't hesitate to post it up on the steam workshop page
  10. (WIP)The Center - Map

    Just posted up a new video showing off the map at its final state!
  11. ARK Commander 1.0.7 beta4 public

    Sparcmx - Sorry I didn't get back to you, was extremely busy over the last few weeks :B If you need anything else let me know!
  12. (WIP)The Center - Map

    It is roughly around 78,50 on the map
  13. (WIP)The Center - Map

    The steam link should have given a link to a usable version of the screenshot, but here is a direct download link to the bmp version he can use in editor http://www.evilmrfrank.com/images/FinalMap.bmp
  14. (WIP)The Center - Map

    Toni - Not sure what you mean?
  15. (WIP)The Center - Map

    Glad you guys like it I don't have any current plans to expand the map. For the most part it is finished atm I am just improving what is there, optimizing, polishing, bug fixing, balancing, etc...