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  1. I'll be filing for my refund through steam tommorow if there isn't clarification on this. They did not say Genesis won't be coming to Legacy, so I'm really hoping that's the case, but quite a bit of information seems to not be communicated. I'd recommend for others to do the same, hit them where it hurts. Could even possibly be false advertising.
  2. If we won't be getting Genesis legacy servers, I'll be filing for a refund through steam. You had months since pre-release to clarify if legacy would get Genesis map or not. I don't recall any info on there not being support for legacy for the new map. You're going to leave a still nice amount of your playerbase behind if this is the move, just know I'll be getting my money back. I'd recommend others to do the same, hit them where it hurts.
  3. The day legacy is removed completely, is the day I stop playing and supporting Ark and WildCard. Go ahead and say it was inevitable, but players like me that just started Ark had NO CLUE the difference between Legacy and Official. That's completely on WildCard for not explicitly informing their customers what their getting into. WildCard, you should really think long and hard about what you will do with legacy. You know the numbers are still extremely high there, and if you don't support it with new maps and features, you may as well just start digging your own grave now.
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