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  1. Transfering off with meat not sure if anyone eles has this issue or just me when i transfer off valguero with a slot cap of meat to my main server it crashed evertime just after i load up and get access to my character - only seams to happen with meat i have tried transfering off with a Variety of items and it does not crash with them its just meat its weird
  2. question for people who have lost there characters hiya i have a question for people who have lost their characters and submitted a ticket for it what happened? do wildcard restore imprints? asking for a friend who lost his when server crashing this afternoon - his body is still on the floor in base but when he log's in it prompts him to the character creation screen and when he presses download character nothing is showing up
  3. Hiya what it is i am buying a anky egg off someone off another server i was just wandering if i can transfer the anky egg to my aberration server? also if anyone has a list of what fert egg's/normal eggs i can transfer to aberration that would be amazing thanks
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