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  1. Kazt

    So this is very weird.

    Update: The problem persists. It happened with my Ptero on another solo world just now. Something I should note; it only happens with rideable creatures. For some reason, I fear this might have to do with classic flyers or dino pickup mod.
  2. Kazt

    Where do I get ice wyvern eggs?

    I usually have all of these, I have some mastercraft fur armor and a super high melee otter. (Also, I found some eggs, so people can stop posting egg locations :P)
  3. Kazt

    So this is very weird.

    I'll do that. Also, update: It didn't happen with my equus or anky, but it happened with my griffin just now.
  4. So last night on my solo world I tamed a Quetz and Direbear that had some pretty nice stats. (Keep in mind, I never am/was playing on boosted stats, my stats are all default except tame at 2x) When I join the game again, both my Direbear and Quetz have millions of health, stamina, food, melee, and basically every stat. I have no idea what led to this. I might also note, this has happened for every dino of mine that i tamed except my Ptero and Dilo. (so just the bear quetz and an argie) Has anyone else experienced this on a solo world? Here's my active mods, if this helps. I haven't made any adjustments before the issue started happening either. 1251632107,1435344008,756389708,793605978,821530042,905971515,895711211,731604991,849985437,870709781 Please help, I don't want super boosted dinos!
  5. Kazt

    Where do I get ice wyvern eggs?

    I'm not an expert on this, but it might be because the wyverns died? This never happened to me anyways
  6. Kazt

    Super Impressed With Dino Painting

    I saw a guy that painted a bigfoot as homer simpson, wish i snapped a picture
  7. Kazt

    Where do I get ice wyvern eggs?

    Thank you everybody for answering these. I got me a 190 and my friend a 175
  8. I looked up where the nests are, went to each location, and found no nests. Anyone know any ways to get ice wyvern eggs?
  9. It acts as the island so no drakes or wyverns on the map at all
  10. This might sound annoying, but when will be the next ARK sale for PC? My friend is waiting to buy it till it's on sale and i don't want to make him wait long for it.
  11. 1 word: Obelisks. If we had obelisks to spawn the bosses from then it would be much better. Maybe also a procedural generated cave system for all the artifacts? These implements would make procedural ARKs all the more enjoyable.
  12. Kazt

    All of my dinos taking radiation?

    That might be the case. My dinos were losing HP though, as i saw their health decreasing at about 1 per second.
  13. Kazt

    All of my dinos taking radiation?

    Don't know if this is a bug or if it's just me being stupid. So I was on Abberation going into the element with full hazard suit, shinehorn on my shoulder, along with 1 Karkinos and 3 Megalos. When I got to the element, the shinehorn was taking radiation damage. I went back and made a couple mushroom brews and forcefed one to it, then when i went in again, my Karkinos and all my Megalos started taking radiation damage (they weren't until now) and my Shinehorn wasn't. I would assume this is a bug? It might be some non-radiation thing dealing damage instead but this is awful strange. I need to get a rock drake soon and would appreciate some advice for this asap. Also when I was messing around on a singleplayer abberation i went to element with rock drake and it took radiation damage but this was a while ago (about month and a half) so that may not be relevent.
  14. -New ride able flyers with platform saddle -More water dinos -Some more utility shoulder pets like the Otter -More water dinos -More insects for Beelze maybe? -Please to god wildcard add more water dinos -This is a serious problem -Do it -You won't
  15. Kazt

    Map Ideas?

    I would plan on adding new water dinos (also if i wasn't obvious enough, i'm going to probably start executing said idea in ark dev kit or something) and minimizing land dinos. The land will be in the south part of the map while the more north you get, the deeper & more dangerous the ocean gets. Underground bases would mostly not be necessary, unless bases in caves are needed, as a vacuum compartment would most likely be offered a bit earlier on, but somewhat smaller than the Tek ones we have. I would plan to (if I'm able to, idk if you can with dev kit) add explorer notes from different survivors explaining everything, custom bosses for the obelisks would be needed for a good map (but again, idk if you can), I might add some special saddles for land-and-water dinos, like the Spino, that may allow them to be useful in water, but other than amphibious dinos, land would only spawn small, useless dinos (dodo, icthyornis, etc). I would plan to add probably at least 10+ dinos, obviously most to all aquatic. It would also include some cool dinos from DLC I think would make sense in an ocean, like a Karkinos for example. As a closing, most of these requests are answered, and i am confident that if it was executed correctly, a map like this would succeed. (Also, I'm not adding rideable flyers. Beats the purpose of the map and what not.)