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  1. Thank you Wildcard for making a Game that i love for so many years now. We had Ups and Downs - but ARK is and will ever be, the only survival Game of its kind. Thank you for all the time you Guys spend into it. The Love and Care from Cedric and Dollie and the funny moments you share with your community! Have some rest, Take good care of yourselfs and we see again in 2021!
  2. Thank you Wildcard for the EVO!!! and the TLC looks dope! love the saddle!!!
  3. We need EVO event.. come on Wildcard.... We have waited enough
  4. We play on crystal isle and build on a floating island. Today at login every plant, rock and foliage was respawned even inside the house. Every structure touched by a stone got anti-meshed. Above the ground. On pillars. Didn't matter. Poof - gone
  5. Hmmm... i have no problems?! And i play on official Servers. Maybe wait until others are answering if they have the same problems. But for me - im fine. No Crashes. (PC)
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