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  1. Yet people are running around with limitless meks that are level 272. What was the point? It seems like wildcard is trying to give cheaters the most advantage.
  2. You did absolutely nothing to the cheaters and you screwed the players that dont cheat. AGAIN.
  3. Last update FAILED (tek and meks) Good job wildcard, you failed once more. Your update to despawn tek and meks did NOTHING. My towers are being rushed non stop with lvl 272 meks and they already have high durability tek suits and ascendant tek rifles. And all the meks and tek that we ground up are gone so we cant even properly defend against it. Good job wildcard. GOOD FREAKING JOB.
  4. Lost blackbox of dinos I made a ticket about this. Which I'm not expecting any kind of resolution. So I decided to post it here as well for more exposure on the subject. I've bought this game twice, all the DLC's, twice. Just for a bug to wipe me out. This isn't right if they dont do something about this. I know you probably wont do anything about this but I'm making a cry for help because this is going to cause me and my fiance to quit the game. We were moving servers, and my fiance was going to transfer all of our cryoed dinos. She black boxed herself and went to a transmitter. In the middle of looking at the transmitter inventory, her screen froze. Now at this point, she hadn't typed in a server number or anything. Which is the weird part. After a while of her screen being froze, she closed the application and logged back into the server. Her character was somehow in her upload and the only thing she could do was download her character and spawn on a bed. (We have a video clip of that, but not before that because she had to close the application.) Her inventory only had skins, nothing else. There was no bag at the transmitter, nothing. All our tames, all our countless hours, GONE IN AN INSTANT. I know you probably wont do anything about this. Such as the two times we got meshed and you refused to do anything. It's obvious you dont care. But this is one final cry for help. Please. We are begging you. We cant start over again, especially since this has been our biggest loss yet. I heard that there is a glitch that makes your inventory disappear if you're blackboxed. Something you out into place to stop duping?
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