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  1. Now then... As for the nature of the Genesis Simulation. For purposes of what I'm about to say, assume my theory about the history is correct in that the Federation was forced off/left Earth and went to space. The URE stayed on Earth and used Tek. We know this because the obelisks have the jagged look to it, and the obelisks and were used to create the arks which were made after the war. The Federation developed Lunatek separate the URE's Tek, although the Federation was able to steal lots of Tek from the URE, as Santiago was noted to have managed to hack into a URE system and reverse engineer a Tek suit. There's no evidence about the URE having any similar ability to get Lunatek from the Federation, which is why there's a lot of Lunatek that we have no access to on Earth of in the Arks. There's no reason to assume that either side won a traditional victory. The moon blew up, but the Federation could've been on countless other places as well. And we know that the war on Earth was bad enough to create the Corruption that we had to destroy, so both sides were suffering from some extreme loses. It's possible they both decided that the war was too much and both backed out and decided on a treaty. Since there's a split in Eletek, we can assume that it could easily develop to the point where Tek and Lunatek systems can no longer properly connect to eachother because they've became to different. Sharing information between Tek and Lunatek would then require a middleman in the physical world that could understand the working of both Tek and Lunatek. Therefore, any Homo Deus that exists in the world of Tek, would be unable to go to the world of Lunatek; at least, not without something to serve as a connector. This explains why Helena can't exist in our world or the GenSim for long - The Genesis Simulation is Lunatek and Helena is Tek. This further means that Arat Prime which we know is connected to the Genesis Simulation, must therefore also be Lunatek. Helena was able to access the GenSim for a short amount of time through Arat Prime, which would mean that Arat Prime is the connector between Tek and Lunatek, capable of reading both systems, but for some reason or another, maintaining a connection between Tek and Lunatek for a prolonged period of time, causing Helena to be unable to stay in the GenSim for long. Further, this would mean that HLN-A is both Lunatek and Tek (which I will from now on refer to as Luna-Tek,) being able to both exist in the GenSim and able to read the Tek database to recover the answers to all the questions Helena asked so long ago in the genetic strand message. Now, why does Arat Prime exist then? Wherever it is, it has Luna-Tek equipment since it's able to imperfectly connect Tek and Lunatek. The URE was busy trying to fight off the Corruption, and could not reasonably decipher Lunatek that they had no access to now that the war is over, so there is no way that Arat Prime was created by the URE alone. The Federation on the other, hand, had Santiago who was able to decipher the Tek systems at some time in the past, although it's entirely possible and likely that at this point no one could decipher the other side's Eletek systems. Either way, the URE has no chance of creating Arat Prime without help, therefore the Federation must've decided to help the URE after seeing the Corruption. If the Federation is offering to help the URE, there's no reason to believe they didn't cooperate, and we can assume that they did since magmasaurs were tested on Scorched Earth before going into the Genesis Simulation. The best conclusion that can be drawn here is that the Federation, upon seeing what happened to Earth and having a common enemy, the Corruption, with the URE, decided to help the URE and create the Genesis Simulation, which could be accessed via Arat Prime, a location on Earth constructed by both sides with the purpose of getting the remaining citizens of Earth into the Genesis Simulation, and is capable of, to a moderate extent, connecting Tek and Lunatek systems Further supporting this idea, the GenSim is supposed to be a method of escape. Arat Prime going on lockdown means that anyone still on Earth is abandoned. HLN-A tells us that there are 0 humans still on Earth (meaning Diana and Mei must've left to the GenSim or off-planet as well,) so everyone had either reached Arat Prime or was about to die by this point. 'Launch unconfirmed' now becomes much more problematic than originally assumed. If Arat Prime wasn't properly able to get people off-planet or into the Genesis Simulation (unable to launch,) then that means that everyone on Earth died. The entire URE. Every single person. This is, unfortunately, the more likely scenario, since Diana and Mei had to go to Arat Prime for Helena to use it to get to the GenSim, implying that things weren't right there. Now, here's where things really start to get going. Rockwell, as we know, has his own element strain, different from Corruption, Tek, and Lunatek. Since he connected to Aberration, he created a connection from his own strain of corruption to Tek; however, thanks to the original homo deus, Rockwell is unable to exercise the power in the Tek system that he'd have without the deus stopping him. Naturally, the deus are Rockwell's next targets in his quest for godhood. Since Rockwell has access to both a physical body and Tek systems, he theoretically should be able to become much stronger than a deus, which is purely in Tek, and will therefore eventually overcome this obstacle if left unchecked. Helena must therefore have decided either one of two things: 1) Rockwell taking over the Tek systems is inevitable, and the only way to stop him is to gain access to Lunatek before he can take over the Tek systems and beat him afterwards. 2) The only way to stop Rockwell in time is with Lunatek, so survivors must go to the GenSim as a step to getting Lunatek to be able to stop Rockwell Either way, Helena has decided that Tek isn't enough to stop Rockwell at this point. This might be because Tek stopped developing with the death of the URE, while the Federation is separated from the Corruption and still alive out in space, so they're able to still progress (assuming they didn't meet their own fate that we don't know about)
  2. I can kinda understand why, but I disagree. Those bunches of tendril things near the back end specifically really make me think organic. Lunatek is the name I've given to the moon (or space) tek in general. Whatever tek stuff the Federation (or whoever was in space) created that the URE never managed to get after the war. So, by default, it's different than the tek we've seen so far. While we're talking about names, to keep things simple make communication clearer, I propose this: Lunatek = What I just explained Tek = The type of tek we've seen so far Eletek = Any technologies based on tek, including both Tek and Lunatek As for the windmill idea... I don't know about keeping it afloat. Gravity should be able to do that on its own, although perhaps devices to help keep the remnants of the moon close together. Since we know that there's element in the air though, it's possible that that might actually be gathering the element from the air either to power something or to be collected later.
  3. Jagged is a good word to describe it, yea. The lunatek doesn't have the jagged look at all. Naturally, if there's a place that has lunatek that we can access with normal tek... I just had an idea about the nature of the Genesis Simulation, but it might take longer to type out than I want to spend for now, so I'll say something later. Anyway, we can assume that if we have tek, and we go somewhere with lunatek, there'll be both tek and lunatek there, so there being new stuff for both kinds doesn't surprise me much. And I agree that it's strange to see a non-grey non-energy color on tek like that. I can't think of any other item so far that has that by default actually. 2. I'm fairly certain it's a planetary ring. It curves perfectly around the planet, and I think we saw a ring earlier too.
  4. Hey wait a second, is that sarco aggroing on the bloodstalker?
  5. Yea, I thought they looked oddly similar too, but I'm not so sure anymore. The rings looks like tek. The obelisk doesn't really have the same design feel as the usual tek stuff though, but I'm not sure how to explain it. I think the best way to put it might be that normal tek looks kinda jagged or something. It doesn't have many smooth sides anywhere, there's lots of sharp edges on all the tek stuff. But the floating lunatek platform in the original astrocetus teaser for example was very round. The obelisk in question now also feels smoother than most of the tek stuff we've seen before. If you ask me, it's some sort of teleporter. It picks up your data self and shoots you out through the circle to a receiving obelisk where you rematerialize. I have no reason to believe this, but it's what I choose to believe. And yea that's definitely a planet ring. I'd bet we're staying in the gen sim too, but consider that just because it's not over earth, doesn't mean it must be in the simulation. If I wanted to entertain the theory that we'd be leaving the simulation, then the lunar biome could easily be the moon of a different planet that we went to. There's no rule that says we have to stay at Earth
  6. You just have to get your dodos from somewhere with less element in the air then and bring them to space
  7. Impressive trick, but you just activated his trap card! Nameless, start tossing the dodos! Now! No no no, you don't get it. It's the element in the air there. What happens is you throw dodos a bunch and then the element evolves you to be really good at throwing dodos.
  8. You fool. Rockwell has 8 tentacles. He can throw 8 dodos at once. The 2-armed stand no chance against him. We require the bloodstalker if we want to even hope to win.
  9. It's an interesting structure, yea. I think it was implied that this is where Helena and crew went to earlier where Helena read about the Reseed Protocol and Mei found the ascension crystal thing
  10. Yes, actually. The devs talked about it and the difficulties of throwing dodos in low gravity in the ExtraLife stream after they explained the lunar biome.
  11. TinyHippo

    Hmm sharks?

    And with the new message we now get to see a mosasaur about to get swallowed whole while the players shoot with tek rifles. It's quite the bold strategy. But we get to see the mosa next to it, so it's safe to assume the mosas can fight it I think. I also notice that there aren't any minions. It's at this point that I realize that no mini boss has spawned minions before. That doesn't mean there won't be any, but I won't be surprised if there aren't
  12. And I can't help but notice that they said "The final release date" Quite a bold move, coming from Wildcard
  13. Moving on... I wonder what that tek structure is supposed to be The astroceti shown look absolutely beautiful though! The bog picture has me slightly worried because I didn't notice the bloodstalker at first but maybe that's because I just woke up. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA THERE WERE TWO OF THEM THIS CANT BE HAPPENING And while we're looking at the picture, they've confirmed sarcos, carbons, and pteranadons for the bog. I'm also very impressed by their incredible Moeder boss strategy
  14. I expect it'll be the 28th or after. Mostly due to the servers. They must be coming down for a reason, and the most likely reason is to use them as new Genesis servers, and so I guess that it absolutely will not come out until the 28th. And, being the optimist that I am, I fully expect and hope for a release on the 28th. Possibly unannounced until it happens.
  15. TinyHippo


    We don't know yet. I, personally, am guessing that it has something to do with getting it wet or near water since they said that it's weaker while under those conditions. My second guess is that you have to go lava diving for eggs.
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