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  1. im interested would do a boss run for engrams i dont have boss dinos yet so would use ur pay well for use dinos dont take any element
  2. hi so today i helped an ally to raise his babys did some meat/berri runs. I also did some milkruns and narced a 185 femal lightening wyvern without a trap and with my pteranodon xD. i Was so proud hehe. I did then a huge metal run cristal run either. Tomorrow my 3 wyverns will grown up and i keep geting wilk for them farming metal/cristal/poly tame maybe a high lvl quetz and explore new cave xd
  3. i like this post realy xD. So today i did my plans i found serveral high lvl wyvern eggs in scar at ragnarok. Sadly my lvl 147 Griffin died while i lagged in the scar but nevermind i got some good eggs. I keep them in my fridges so i can hatch them probably tomorrow ?. I also bought a wyvern for a good fair price of ingots and poly it was a 185 lightening wyvern with 40 lvls ready to pump. Then i did some meat runs and berrie runs and was warching for deep sea loot crats. Theyr spwan rate is so low but the reward if u finaly find one is epic like ascend. platform saddle of parace. or a 80 armor mosa i got both but was like 1h in ozean^^. I play on offical pve ragnarok. So tomorrow i plan hatching my owm wyvern.
  4. im new here and post now randomly what i did yesterday cz i kinda like this discussion^^. The day just start now and im going to play ark later too. So yesterday (pc) i did some metal runs. And one big obsidian run with servereal argys to obsidian cave at vulcano (rag). Tamed a low lvl quetz then build a quetz catcher. Then i helped an ally. And i crafted some vaults and sorted stuff so its more easy to find later. Today ill probably look for wyvern eggs
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