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  1. MasterOfDone

    Unable to watch Ads for gift and ambers

    I'm on the Samsung galaxy s7 on hive (pvp hard,) server runs great. Just unable to watch adds even if the button is displayed almost everytime.
  2. MasterOfDone

    How can somebody do this...

    You can use the outpost to get journeyman tools with amber. The only odd thing is him having it under lvl 28 unless that's only for hard servers. The tools are relatively cheap but it seems he wants you to grow fast with him.
  3. MasterOfDone

    New pvp servers?

    I'm not sure if I'm seeing new servers up? Everywhere I look it becomes difficult to tell if there is anything new or upcoming for pvp including discord. It'd be nice to have a fair equal chance to build up with a tribe in a new server.
  4. MasterOfDone

    Player level cap medium pvp?

    Anyone know the player level cap for medium pvp or just ark mobile in general? Can't find anything pertaining to ark mobile specifically. I have seen prime players 100+
  5. MasterOfDone

    Mobile servers

    Or another hopefully relevant question, where can we find info on servers? Like areas servers benefit regions more, and upcoming new servers? If it's possible to eventually purchase our own server's that'd be amazing.
  6. MasterOfDone

    Thank you @Wardrum and Dev's/mod's

    Implications are useless on a thread expressing gratitude. Thanks for the obvious advice though. Please stay on topic.
  7. MasterOfDone

    Thank you @Wardrum and Dev's/mod's

    I appreciate all the hard work and the opportunity to play ark mobile for Free. I understand you guys may deal with a lot of issues and complaints. Though I see the hard work and care for the community you guys are awesome and I hopefully speak for a lot of people when I say thank you and keep it up guys. The game is amazing and I've spent countless hours in the last week playing it.
  8. MasterOfDone

    No servers on list?

    Ah okay, I was experiencing the same issues. Looking for some kind of post or server info about this.
  9. MasterOfDone

    Constant game crashes on Samsung galaxy s9+

    Im on galaxy s7 and I'll have time's in the day where server performance is perfect (carno island pvp) and times where it is unplayable with ads not loading and freezing as well. It seems like a server issue early morning mainly. Other droid users on the server experience this as well. We do have Chinese regioned players who seem to flood the server at these times.
  10. MasterOfDone

    Free amber is broken

    No it doesn't it's an issue that happens to a lot of people.