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  1. Yes, a range indicator for generators would help alot aswell.
  2. according to this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/80fd8w/detailed_boss_guide_for/ you have to face tank the manticore with good flak and a gas mask. If the boss doesn't change where it needs to land because it has a static target it will land at some point. If its targets keeps moving around it will change where it needs to land and keeps trying until it changes its landing spot again and the cycle repeats.
  3. I read your post and I don't see your point. A class system forces teamplay because it prevents one character from accesing all the content and/or bonusses that a group can acces. A group will always have easier acces to the bonusses of all classes.
  4. I don't like it. It will probably put solo players further behind.
  5. If you try the snow owl method, make sure your owl has enough stamina. If it hits the ground without stamina it will take falling damage and your owl might die.
  6. Did he mean mechs or manas? I was assuming mechs
  7. If you would remove the code of conduct it would turn the epidemic into a pandemic. I don't think making something blatently disfunctional fixes anything.
  8. If you don't care about taming efficiency, feeding metal ore is an easy way to tame them. If you do care I recommend war maps.
  9. As I see it you are allowed to use diplomacy and trade. Just attacks with multiple tribes are not allowed. For example if there are trolls on the server everyone can be against them at the same time. They are just now allowed to attack together.
  10. I've tried this aswell. Some of the spots in the city were previously buildable, but were nerfed to prevent building there. My guess is that the devs never intended these spots to be build on or consider them to be too strong now.
  11. I think that is is part of what helps abberation make a good map to put your base. Howerever if charge stations would allow you to get your character out without allowing you to transfer any dinos or items out, it would safe alot of people alot of suffering.
  12. A simple way to keep track of your characters would be very nice. Maybe make it work like the server history system of rust.
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