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  1. Not like there's anything else we can raptoring do is there. Tickets and reports are constantly ignored.
  2. What we should do is petition Sony into never allowing Wildcard to publish for playstations again.
  3. Start backing up your saves. Wildcard won't fix it.
  4. This is the PS4 forum btw. Maybe you should actually post in the correct raptoring forum. Even then Wildcard never helps anyone. Pay raptoring attention to all the complaints.
  5. There's serious bugs that need to be fixed first
  6. This is the PS4 forum. Post in the pc forum ffs.
  7. The same time as every other issue reported, never.
  8. Some of us can't even build cryopods. I'd help if I could but I've never been off the island and can't get off it.
  9. Then it should be in the pc forum not the PS4 forum.
  10. That's not possible. The upload button has been removed for years.
  11. It's not uncommon because Wildcards matchmaking is crap. My dedicated PS4 pro is sitting right next to the PS4 I use to play with and sometimes it takes several resets for it to show up.
  12. Even if I can't travel to it, I hope it raptoring works when they release it this time...
  13. Don't bother upgrading just for Ark. It's not worth it because Wildcard don't lift a finger to fix peoples issues with the game.
  14. You can only transfer directly to another server in the same cluster now
  15. You need to post this the thread you originally posted in because no one can tell what you're raptoring talking about.
  16. Great. Another map I can't use
  17. If your server was deleted there's nothing that can be done, not that Wildcard would help anyway. In future back up your saves to usb. Don't use the cloud to back up, usb so it doesn't get auto saved over.
  18. Using another PS4 as a dedicated server is a waste of time though as you won't be able to move your characters to other maps.
  19. You'll have to adjust it on your tvs. Wildcard won't do anything.
  20. It's about time this was raptoring fixed. Many console users want to be able to to travel to other maps on their single PS4 dedicated server and no longer can. We paid for this feature when we bought this game and now we can no longer switch maps. This needs to be fixed!
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