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  1. Banshee5000

    update half complete

    Yes it can. Check the cooking pot or whatever you're using, if you look at it and it has a negative amount of items in it then rebuild it. It will then work fine
  2. If you'd bothered to search or even look at the first page of threads you'd know people are having problems with it.
  3. I've seen one thread saying dedicated PS4s on the same network will cluster, can anyone confirm this? I currently have one and have not been able to move to other maps since Wildcard removed the upload button. I need to know for certain before buying a third PS4 for a server. Don't mention PC's or Nitrado, I'm not raptoring interested
  4. Banshee5000

    PS4 Extiction DLC Not Installed

    Then delete it completely from your system apart from your saves , and reinstall it. You should of tried this first before even posting
  5. Banshee5000

    New Homestead update messed up taming?

    If you'd payed attention you'd know that kibble has been changed so you're probably feeding it the wrong one
  6. Banshee5000


    This is the PS4 forum
  7. Banshee5000

    Keybinds resets everytime i close my game

    Try using the pc forum instead of the PS4 one
  8. Banshee5000

    [PS4] [Nitrado] Losing characters upon transfer

    Already other threads about this, you should have checked first.
  9. Banshee5000

    Getting Stuck On Structures and Rocks

    Already other threads about this, you should of checked first
  10. Banshee5000

    Ark dedicated server crashes

    It's not Wildcard, it's your server.
  11. Banshee5000

    Primitive + glitch

    There's already multiple threads on this
  12. Banshee5000


    1. This is the PS4 forum. 2. Make your own thread.
  13. He can run a dedicated server on a PS4 if he wants. Wildcard gave us the option and it's about time they let us use it without issues caused by the game.
  14. Banshee5000

    Donde esta wildcard?? Por que no contestais?

    You've already been told that they ignore everyone
  15. Banshee5000

    Shoulder pers

    Yes, the wiki does. Try using it.