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  1. I have the same issues. Like this below. You can NOT do a peaked roof with the Sloped roofs. No matter how you modify it with walls, sloped walls and what not.
  2. No matter what I do you can not get the last triangle roofs to go in the correct way. I sure hope they fix this!
  3. ok tested this on every server and all servers but Valguero I can build on every spot that the sky drops land on. Most of the sky drops locations on Valguero I can also build on. But there are about 7 locations I found that we're not able too. So the is a meshing problem or something with a few of the sky drop locations they need to fix.
  4. no supply drops have ever landed here, not to mention I have built on supply drop locations elsewhere.
  5. Bugged area that I cannot place anything I wanted to build in this spot on the Valguero map as it is just big enough to do so. But the map will not let me place anything with in those 2 circles of foundations I put down. i have reset the game 2 times. Nothing works. i assume this is a glitch or something. I really hope you guys can fix this as I really love this location. EDIT: Forgot to note that the items you want to place are green and act like you can place them. Also does not give any reason as to why you can not. So it doesn't say: no snap point or too close to enemy gate or foundation or anything like that.
  6. Ya right! They always say that and a week later we get it.
  7. The thing that pisses me off the most is my family (of 4) run a private cluster. We all play on Windows 10. Now the new map is running and all our friends are playing and our public server has people playing. But we can not play the new map or any other map for that matter. Until the update we are paying for servers we can not play on at all, none of them!
  8. Valguero Transfer Timeline. What is it? What is the Valguero Transfer Timeline about and who and or what does this affect? There was no description about this other than dates. Do I have to make a new character just to play on this map? Can I not bring any items at all? Dino's? What? How about unofficial maps?
  9. Yes, we run an Xbox cluster and try to keep the structures and animals out low and if there was no cryo sickness or any timers on summoning them most people would be fine with having most of their animals cryoed because Xbox servers are so laggy. Also we have a dino shop and it would be nice to summon tham as needed to show them off instead of having to wait for the STUPID timers.
  10. I love building things and would love to see more. Here are some Ideas I'd love to see added to ARK. Best thing to add is a way to save blueprints of the buildings, bases and raft builds we have made. So that if there is a server re roll, wipe or glitch. More styles added. (We have thatch, wood, stone, metal, adobe and TEK) How about so new versions of each of them. Like the wood from Primitive+ would be nice! Vertical Half foundations, half ceilings and half walls. horizontal Half foundations, half ceilings and half walls. Angled foundations. Basically a sloped ceiling but as a foundation. (Sloped ceiling with foundation and walls already attached) Fixed Doors and Door frames. It would be nice if all style of doors would fit properly in all styles of door frames. Railings that fit on ramps and mainly Sloped ceilings. As ramps we don't use for they are way too steep of an incline. A TEK Refrigerator that keeps food longer and holds more than the TEK Troughs. Also would be nice to have a huge amount of furniture items added as well. Also fix all the BEDS on XBox PC window version. For we on the PC can not use beds other than teleportation. Sometimes if the bed is owned by another player we can but most of the time we can not. More vehicles: Like a A Tek Boat.
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