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  1. You can only place one c4 on a tame. One c4 will not kill the rider as we play in the age of max dura tek suits. He will shrug it off and continue to flame you until you die. as I have said in my post you can grapple out of the claws sure....for 2 seconds until you are picked again whilst falling down until you run out of grapples
  2. Fix Griffins Griffins have been broken for a long time now in pvp. how can a griffin rider flamerthrower someone that they have picked THROUGH THE GRIFFINS BODY. it’s soooo stupid and doesn’t make sense. once a griffin picks you your dead, no chance you’re getting away. If you whip the rider they dismount on top of the griffin and are able to get back on and re pick you in seconds. If you grapple to the ground they can instantly re pick you as you fall down. please at least make it so that you can’t shoot/flame through the griffins body so that if you get picked at least they can’t kill you
  3. I agree with most of your post however the notion that genesis is made for the pvp player base is completely misguided, genesis is made for pve players. Due to the boring and tedious missions, that no pvp player wants to do, we cannot build anywhere (much like you have stated). There is next to no good base locations for pvp bases, the few base locatins i have seen are unbuidable due to mission zones. WC clearly did not consider pvp players when implementing this new building system- no you cannot build in this nice base spot because we have decided that this is where you will ice fish...although you will never actually do it because there is no incentive to. No pvp player wants to complete missions to recieve a primative saddle as a reward, its just not worth it. From what i have tested i would guess 60-70% of the biomes on average are unbuildable- this is not ark! Ark should be a sandbox open world game which allows players to do what they like within that sandbox, however for some bizzare reason WC have decided to put limitations on what made people love the game in the beginning. No wonder ark is dying. The nail in the coffin (dont get me wrong here, i could list many many more things wrong with genesis) despite all genesis' faults, there are those of us that would like to go there and frustratingly put up with these faults for a day or an evening so that we can tame the new creatures and bring them back to our own, playable, servers. However with this dlc for some reason WC has decided that not only can you transfer nothing in, you cannot transfer anything out either. Personally i will be waiting the three months until transfers open to tame the new dinos and never set foot on that horrendous map ever again.
  4. This does not work. Yes the water will be clear however the sea weed will still be unimaginably bright. It is indeed much like the pink water on abb however relogging etc does not fix this. Everyone on ps4 has this issue atm. There is no easy fix. The patch that introduced HLNA seemed to alter all light blooms for some reason as even say a meks sword has a slight glow around the sword now not just the sword itself.
  5. Underwater Lighting With Genesis so close to being released, and presumably uw playing a larger part in the map (due to uw boss and new items relating to water) i am very concerned that underwater has been broken for months now on PS4. I had hoped it would be fixed closer to genesis release, due to the reason above, however no fix is in sight. UW on the centre is completely unable in the deep ocean, the entire south and west of ragnarock is unplayable and the uw arifact caves are broken. This is due to seaweed being crazy bright. Deep ocean on the centre is literally just a white screen. Yellow on rag. Please fix this before genesis release as a large part of the new dlc will be unplayable/broken upon release. (probably should be expected from a company like WC though :/)
  6. griffins/flamethrowers- how is it possible to pick someone with a griffin and flame THROUGH THE GRIFFINS BODY and burn the person picked in its claws
  7. People are still duping meks on ps4 @Cedric nice job “fixing” duped meks....sike
  8. Pro: x2 applied to everything, chibis are a cool addition and its good to have more player levels, the event encouraged pvp over drops. Cons: Chibis are glitchy and often lose their exp which is a hard grind to level them up (player xp getting lost as well, if you mind wipe you lose 5 levels), chibis were a little too rare, loot from event drops was worthless (other than chibis) eg who wants an asc lance bp DILO
  9. no they will most definietly not roll back. what will happen is they will respond to your ticket saying they do not need any further evidence and therefore your ticket will be closed and you wont hear anything else from them again
  10. Manas currently are pretty balanced imo (well maybe not now since WC also nerfed their main counter ((plant z)) into the ground) however they could have always made the breath do less damage there was literally no need in nerfing the dash ability, nobody even uses the slam attack anymore on pvp so this change was redundant classic example of WC not playing their own game
  11. Mana Nerf Manas are already pretty much useless, why the hell are WC nerfing them even more?!?!?! Who wants to use a mana to get anywhere when you have to land every dash you take hahahah DILO WC most useless devs ever jesus Yes keep nerfing all ext dinos just so you can sell genesis and the new dinos that are gonna be OP until people complain and you nerf them into the ground
  12. but what im saying is will the game register those extra levels from tek cave to take you to 140 IF you already have 5 extra levels from chibis, or will it still take you to 135 regardless of chibis POST event. We all know how bad WC are so i wont be surpirsed if players who dotn already have abb boss and/or tek cave arent able to reach 140 at a later date.
  13. what i dont understand is- if currently i am level 120 (having done abberation boss but not tek cave) i then get the 5 extra levels from the chibis which takes me to 125. When i do the tek cave will i then go to 135 as this was the max level both ascension bosses took you too before the event or 140 as the bosses give you plus 15 levels?
  14. No offence dude but official is plagued by duping and meshing just now. Your little whining about how easy it is to raise babies just now is almost irrelevant in the bigger picture. We have been meshed 6 times this past week, if the worst thing youve got to worry about is it being too easy to raise life is sweet
  15. cocob1


    So what if duping is against TOS, im not losing two years worth of grinding a base, stat line etc because other people are cheating. If there is a way to defend against it imma do it 100%. Point is WC need to fix their game, every patch they bring out seems to create new problems
  16. cocob1


    282 is the level of the mek also playstation servers can hold more than 70 players. We have filled servers to near 300 before. Every tribe has to dupe atm as if you dont you will get wiped by the tribes that do. I have seen litterally 50 meks jump into turret towers and mek them down before the turrets can kill them all. Same with dodorexs- people have been duping bones and dropping 30-40 dodorexs on peoples bases at one time
  17. QoL? fix the bloody light bloom on console if youre gonna talk about quality of life!!! Cant look at the sky during the day time and cant go in the ocean at all!!!
  18. Tek saddles buff Anyone else think tek saddles need a buff? I mean theyre meant to be the hightest teir saddles in the game, but other than theyre special abilities eg firing lasers, they are kinda trash in most situations. I play official but have tried dedicated servers and they have had tek saddle bps. These tek saddle bps didnt buff the laser abilities only armour. I dont see why WC have added tek suit bps but not saddles bps. Its always baffled me that these end game saddles have the same armour as an appretince/ramshackle bp. Most people would use a asc rex saddle with a good craft to take it over 124 armour than a 45 armour tek saddle. Obviously these tek saddle bps would require even more mats to craft and have limited crafts like the tek suit bps, to balance them out
  19. ark has never been just a dino game, like others have said there was always a sci fi element and there was also always a plan for tek. Its just that the tek teir has been expanded to be on an equal level with the dino aspect of the game now that people have this complaint
  20. Meks and Duping For the love of god please dont nerf/cap meks. Its already so hard to find a good blueprint and then even harder to get a good crafter roll on it. Before duping a good mek was super rare. Instead of nerfing meks just remove all meks over level 220 and fix the duping. Sure some meks over that level will be made legit but im sure not many people will complain if it means deleting all the duped meks as well. Pvp players in general shouldnt have to suffer nerfs, of something that was actually balanced for once, because of the real issue of duping.
  21. yup. once you get within like 10m of the seaweed it changes to how it should be but as soon as you leave that distance it goes back to being that blinding light.
  22. Underwater Broken After the patch which introduced the first Genesis Chronicles and the Genesis halmet skin it has been impossible to do anything underwater due to the seaweed now giving off an extremely harsh yellow light. This is especially bad as my tribe live in a Brute cave on the island, we had hoped to raise squids and basilos etc during the Extra Life event however this was impossible due to the blinding yellow light now coming from the water. This is not only on the island map, i went to a ragnarock server to look for other underwater bases to potentially raid. This was made impossible as the blinding glow from the seaweed meant i could not see anything at all. To give context, it was completely impossible to sea the cave entrance of the mushroom cave near blue ob due to the now glowing seaweed. There could have been turret towers or a deathwall there and it would have been imposible to tell without saying raptor it and swiming in, potentailly dying and sacrficing my squid. I would like to point out that this is not a gamma issue (the blinding white light of the sun on console is another issue as well) as this was not a problem before the Genesis hemet skin and turning down gamma does not solve this issue. Please fix this as it not only ruins the game for tribes like my own which cant live in their uw cave anymore but also essentially removes any and all hope for underwater pvp.
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