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  1. ark has never been just a dino game, like others have said there was always a sci fi element and there was also always a plan for tek. Its just that the tek teir has been expanded to be on an equal level with the dino aspect of the game now that people have this complaint
  2. Meks and Duping For the love of god please dont nerf/cap meks. Its already so hard to find a good blueprint and then even harder to get a good crafter roll on it. Before duping a good mek was super rare. Instead of nerfing meks just remove all meks over level 220 and fix the duping. Sure some meks over that level will be made legit but im sure not many people will complain if it means deleting all the duped meks as well. Pvp players in general shouldnt have to suffer nerfs, of something that was actually balanced for once, because of the real issue of duping.
  3. yup. once you get within like 10m of the seaweed it changes to how it should be but as soon as you leave that distance it goes back to being that blinding light.
  4. Underwater Broken After the patch which introduced the first Genesis Chronicles and the Genesis halmet skin it has been impossible to do anything underwater due to the seaweed now giving off an extremely harsh yellow light. This is especially bad as my tribe live in a Brute cave on the island, we had hoped to raise squids and basilos etc during the Extra Life event however this was impossible due to the blinding yellow light now coming from the water. This is not only on the island map, i went to a ragnarock server to look for other underwater bases to potentially raid. This was made impossible as the blinding glow from the seaweed meant i could not see anything at all. To give context, it was completely impossible to sea the cave entrance of the mushroom cave near blue ob due to the now glowing seaweed. There could have been turret towers or a deathwall there and it would have been imposible to tell without saying raptor it and swiming in, potentailly dying and sacrficing my squid. I would like to point out that this is not a gamma issue (the blinding white light of the sun on console is another issue as well) as this was not a problem before the Genesis hemet skin and turning down gamma does not solve this issue. Please fix this as it not only ruins the game for tribes like my own which cant live in their uw cave anymore but also essentially removes any and all hope for underwater pvp.
  5. now that wasnt hard was it?
  6. All youve said is "it will be on 2nd November"....im asking if there will be a stream that showcases more of the genesis content like they revealed a lot about extiction during the last event. I know when the event is but not if they are revealing genesis content
  7. see what? what am i missing? i dont see any info saying if there will be a genesis stream or not?
  8. Extra Life Genesis Will there be another 24hr livestream during the event for Genesis like there was extinction last year?
  9. cocob1

    Genesis Simulation

    nah man official pvp ps4
  10. cocob1

    Genesis Simulation

    not that im aware off yet bud
  11. grapples and a lot of points into weight Grapple their tames to overweight them and they cant move, proceed to compound their tames. like others have said plant y and plant z are great. for water pvp id recommend bringing underwater homing mines and a turret raft. However if you arent willing to bring your own tames you will most likely fail so id advise to bring tames
  12. This. If you make it easier to defend its a double edged blade for smaller tribes. its already hard for a small tribe to successfully raid a big tribe and with any buffs to defence it will be near impossible for a small tribe to wipe a larger tribe. if the smaller tribes cant take part in a fundemental part of the game the player base will continue to drop. As well as simultaneously nerfing caves (about the only place a small tribe can mount a decent defnece against a tribe with much larger numbers) all the small tribes will be wiped and you will basically have to join a mega tribe if you want to play ark.
  13. Genesis Simulation So it was said in the stream that genesis is a simulation, which allows WC to add in things that may even be too crazy for regular arks. So my question is, if genesis is a simulation does that mean that you cant transfer your character/dino/items to genesis maps? Similarly how would one go about transfering dinos "tamed" in a simulation out of genesis and into the "real" arks on official servers/maps? I'm assuming it would be possible because it wouldnt make sense for genesis to be a seperate enitity from the base game but how would it work lore wise. How would you bring this virtual dino tamed in a simulation and bring it to the real world where it is no longer virtual?
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