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  1. Ichy's (Seagull one). Once you get to a decent level with able tames, there's only one horrible, stupid creature to hate[slightly more than Pego's!]
  2. General base management and a bit of harvesting towards some more stone structures.
  3. I play PVE and love it. I think most issues are via PVP tbh.
  4. If you are that desperate to not land/me or getting killed on a flier then you could even carry a few wooden pillars and ceilings, quickly put them down and land on top of that instead of the floor etc.
  5. Best to get some walls up around your base. At least if you aggro them and run into your base area, they'll be another layer away from your dinos and base.
  6. Checked the PB had enough SP and logged off!
  7. I feel 20 is fine but I do only play PVE, solo, so not sure how it affects bigger tribes.
  8. Can't wait! I think that a 24 hour midweek event could be good. A lot of people don't really play midweek as if feels like 'half exp'. Maybe this would get people on in the week more...
  9. I probably contributed to 60,000 of the raptor deaths myself!
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