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  1. Xel

    Too few tamable dinos

    Unfortunately I won't be playing anymore: 50 dinos it's too low a limit for me to enjoy this great game. I don't like being forced to kill long time dinos simply to train and breed new ones. I will wait to see if in the next week the limit goes up and then I'll terminate my primal pass. All in all it has been great fun.
  2. Xel

    Ancient Amber on the beach

    Does it? I just checked with the anky and I didn't get any plant x seeds. Maybe I tried it on the wrong plants (I got so many with the theri the first time that I never bothered picking up more) but it seemed the plants in the same place...
  3. Xel

    Ancient Amber on the beach

    I think other dinos could work, not just thery, but I've never tried it. I'll check it later with an anky or trike. The beacon changing color, I always tought it was just a way to make you click it to buy stuff. About the bag disappearing, I never tried it but you could try yourself (unless you need to get your stuff back now): kill your survivor near your base, resurrect, sleep and check if the bag is still there.
  4. Xel

    Back up of single player (local) in mobile

    Is there any way to transfer single player progress from one iphone to another (same apple id)? I would loathe to lose al of my SP stuff just because I changed my phone... edit: I have primal pass if that's a useful info
  5. Xel

    Dimetrodons on mobile

    I can pick other stuff easily so that's not the issue. About taming, I didn't try so it could be possible but that would be a first (for something to be pickable only after taming)
  6. Xel

    Ancient Amber on the beach

    About your last question: take a theri near a river or swamp and you can collect as much plant x seeds as you wish from the plants growing there (I think it was called catnip or something similar).
  7. Xel

    Can’t reach

    Have you tried to use a flier? I've never tried building pipes but for some constructions I've used my tapejara and it worked great.
  8. Xel

    20 40 Trick?

    What's the trick? And, btw, why do you say that SP is broken?
  9. Xel

    Strange things floating mid air

    I have no idea but I've seen it a couple of those in mid-air while chasing a quetz.
  10. Xel

    Dimetrodons on mobile

    Ok now I found one, sorry. Still, they are smaller than I thought they would be but I couldn’t pick it up with my argy even though wiki list it as carriable by argy. Is this correct? I have a few quetz but they are slow so if possible I would like to use the argy to find a dime and carry it home
  11. Xel

    After nirvana tonic

    The only decent dino I have is a saber and it’s really not much (imprinted as lv 45, now around 60): would that be enough?
  12. Xel

    Dimetrodons on mobile

    Do they exist? I can’t find any...
  13. Xel

    Gun Attachments

    Same for me, the one which do not accept the attachment was crafted using a blueprint with limited uses.
  14. Xel

    Gun Attachments

    Different issue here, but same topic. I had a primitive longneck rifle with a basic scope attached. I now crafted a mastercraft longneck rifle, I detatched the scope from the other rifle and tried to attach it to the new one but it doesn't give me the option: when I select the scope the old rifle becomes green but the new one doesn't. I then crafted a new scope but the same thing happens. Any idea of why and how to solve this??
  15. Xel

    Gun Attachments

    If the attachment has to be crafted in smithy you need to put the blueprint you got from ad in smithy together with the materials