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  1. NEW UK/PVE Pre-extinction Island NOWIPE LONGTERM [5xH/10xXP/10xT/10xM] EDIT: Freshmap 25/07/2018 7pm GMT (4 days ago) upto 10 players peak time (after school/work), not so many in the morning at the moment so dont let that put you off im trying to get 12 people on for the weekend for a good chance of growth. RENTED i7-7700K Dedicated Server 64gb ram windows 10 hosted in London NOWIPE ISLAND SERVER adding extinction on release, servers will both have ark crossark chat (shared global chat between servers) Introduction:- OFFICIAL FEELING SERVER WITH UPPED RATES AND MODS FOR QUALLITY OF LIFE, AND FAST DINO BREEDING (cuttently 1 hour and egg) FOR MUTATING DINOS QUICKER Hi thank you for clicking on my post, I am looking for players who would like the option to play extinction on release or just to play island with a good community, please join my pre-exintion island server i can promise a great experience Because of the machine im renting there is nolag and it opens up the server to a lot of future possibilities. This is my plan, im trying to build a large player base on the island map until the release of the new map, extinction. there will be no transfer on release so everybody gets a fresh start, no item, character or dino transfer will be aloud untill extinction has been out for the a while so everyone starts fresh, After the initial hype of extinction which im hoping will be 3-4 months (possibly longer depending on how good it is), i then have the option to open up a cluster of some the existing maps e.g ragnarok with full character, dino and item transfer between all servers, by this point im hoping we have a large player base and should only increase popularity of the server. official settings for balanced player to dino damage, but with mods and upped values for quallity of life, fast breeding for quicker eggs for mutating dinos easier Rates:- 5xHarvest 10xEXP 10xTAME 10xMAtURATION 10xBreeding mods:- Structures Plus S+ StackMeMore Classic Flyers Meat Spoiler Platforms Plus Awesome Spyglass Better Reusables server mod collection (all server mods download in 1) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1456248301 Server settings:- these settings and mods will be identical on the extinction map (offfical feeling medium/slow rates for longativity) drops 1.0 removed most junk like water jars Max Player Lvl 100 Max Dino lvl 150 titanosaur turned off can unlock all engrams Drops and Fishing - Default (Bad loot has been removed) Cave flyers and building - Disabled How to Join:- TO JOIN GO ONTO STEAM > TOP LEFT > VIEW > SERVERS > FAVOURITES > ADD A SERVER > Server Title:- NEW UK Pre-Extinction NOWIPE 5xH/10xXP/10xT/10xM Server Links:- https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2505946 https://arkservers.net/server/ https://ark-servers.net/server/144350/ DISCORD:- https://discord.gg/qDt4uyF Steam Profile:- http://steamcommunity.com/id/Killalot1993 (feel Free to add me)