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  1. LokiKenzington

    Crash loop (iOS)

    Don’t feel bad I can’t get back in my single player game . It’s been two months still no word from emails I sent or bug reports. Single player is the least of their worries good luck getting your stuff back
  2. LokiKenzington

    Electronics don’t stack

    All other crafting materials stack obsidian, Polly, metal and ingots, crystal, cementing paste, pearls, hide, fiber, wood, stone, thatch, and whatever else I missed. Everything but electronics?
  3. LokiKenzington

    Beached Sea Creatures

    My tribe found a tuso on the black river
  4. LokiKenzington

    Contradicting discriptions

  5. LokiKenzington

    Chinese ruining tames in pve

    Don’t feel bad we got 40 of our Dino’s killed (murdered) by the Chinese kiting titans that includes a giga dead as part of the 40. We are still waiting on a response
  6. 3 days of dead tames due to kiting and dropping. First was a theri that got just 1 Rex. Day 2- 33 dead from a kited titan and a terror bird. Day 3- 6 dead from 4 different terror birds, what is wierd is 1 Argy was on a tree platform, and 1 quetz was on top of an 8high structure. Both died to terror birds? Tickets have been filed with pictures for tribe mates and another tribe who also got wiped by a kited Alpha Rex. When will it end? PLEASE region lock the servers like PUBG did to get rid of the hackers, griefers, cheaters.
  7. LokiKenzington

    Threats were made in Athena....

    A wild Theri cannot get inside unless dropped.
  8. Athena PvE Medium. I will upload the chat pic when I get it. Sword Art Online threatened 2 tribes because we dropped them from our alliance last night about 12 est. I woke up this morning to find a dead Rex (was on passive for some reason) and the Therizino about to kill my paracer. Why is this even still a thing? Her name in game is Selena with Sword Art Online.
  9. Yes I updated. I got stuck in the cave crash before the update. In the swamp cave second big area you come to.
  10. I have been stuck at a white screen after crashing in the swamp cave now for a month. Sent bug reports posted on the forum and contacted eardrum in an email and NO response to any of them for this garbage sp issue
  11. LokiKenzington

    Volcano centipedes OP

    Troy do a little more research on the animals in ark u will be supprised what the ”centipede” can do
  12. How is it possible to have 2 people with the same name in ark? He is talking s*** to the whole server with my name.
  13. LokiKenzington

    Today's Update didn't fix anything : SP not working

    Thanks for telling us that single player crashes have been fixed. Still getting white screened upon loading single player! Great game!!! NOT!!
  14. LokiKenzington

    @dev , about cave crash

    When will they fix the game so I can get out of the cave?They don’t care about us
  15. LokiKenzington

    Asians with floating brontos and unlimited health

    They won’t do anything without evidence you have to catch them in the act . It sucks but you’re burnt