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  1. Yes I updated. I got stuck in the cave crash before the update. In the swamp cave second big area you come to.
  2. I have been stuck at a white screen after crashing in the swamp cave now for a month. Sent bug reports posted on the forum and contacted eardrum in an email and NO response to any of them for this garbage sp issue
  3. LokiKenzington

    Volcano centipedes OP

    Troy do a little more research on the animals in ark u will be supprised what the ”centipede” can do
  4. How is it possible to have 2 people with the same name in ark? He is talking s*** to the whole server with my name.
  5. LokiKenzington

    Today's Update didn't fix anything : SP not working

    Thanks for telling us that single player crashes have been fixed. Still getting white screened upon loading single player! Great game!!! NOT!!
  6. LokiKenzington

    @dev , about cave crash

    When will they fix the game so I can get out of the cave?They don’t care about us
  7. LokiKenzington

    Asians with floating brontos and unlimited health

    They won’t do anything without evidence you have to catch them in the act . It sucks but you’re burnt
  8. LokiKenzington

    Ark mobile single player constantly crashes

    They don’t care about the community it’s all a show. Gives us your money and in return we will give you a defective product.
  9. This is a single player issue. There are dead sound spots all over the map. I wish I could kill my survivor but that’s impossible.
  10. No I’m stuck in the swamp cave in the second big room on a crash loop. But that does happen entering and leaving the caves.
  11. The title says it all. This problem was supposed to be fixed and it’s not. Still no response to the community about this issue since the last update. Not all of us are hardcore, not all of us have the time to play online. Is anyone even there?
  12. LokiKenzington

    Disaster in the Central Cave

    It’s all about the ape ride with a good helm way better than a saber
  13. LokiKenzington

    Swimming slow while having scuba gear equipped

  14. LokiKenzington

    Worst cave crash ever

    Do not delete your game just patiently wait I know it sucks same thing happened to me and I’m still waiting
  15. How many posts does there have to be before we get a good explanation instead of were looking into it. I play single player because I don’t have time for online. Too much time and effort has been put into this for what to go in a cave and have it freeze then crash on an endless cycle.