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  1. LokiKenzington

    100% imprinted, juvenile griffin died for no reason

    Did it Have a female same sur name close by? It may have became insecure and stopped eating.
  2. LokiKenzington

    Raft bug?

    While trying to place a raft it is not claimed by anyone. There is room for structures too. After placing its owned by no tribe or person and is able to be destroyed .
  3. LokiKenzington

    Tek engrams

    Sorry but this is the mobile forum
  4. LokiKenzington

    Are we unable to build out on rafts?

    Rafts can only support 88 structures. You have to remember mobile is a different ball game than it’s counter part PC. Does it sound very logical that you can snap a foundation to a ceiling? Not really. Structures are build from the ground up, not from the ceiling down.
  5. LokiKenzington

    Transferring imprint stats

    When you imprint a tame to 100% it gives resistance +30%, damage +30%, the only problem is that little piece of info in the UI is not showing after transferring. Is this a bug to where not it’s applied to the rider, even though the imprinted rider is riding? Or is it still applied just not in the UI?
  6. LokiKenzington

    Server dying

    We are getting the boot from our server. All the money my tribe mates and I have spent on tames and other amber products is all going bye bye? Can’t transfer tames unless the are personally owned, so what’s the point in spending all the REAL MONEY to tame for the tribe, hours and hours to get good lines. How do we get our tames to be personally owned then cause that’s crap!
  7. LokiKenzington

    Parasaur Kibble Not Cooking*

  8. LokiKenzington

    Swamp Cave Issue

    That’s the only drop in the game not sure why. The artifact is a bigger version of that just like the other caves.
  9. LokiKenzington

    Swamp Cave Issue

    It was not the artifact it was a cave drop. The artifact is deeper in the cave.
  10. LokiKenzington

    How do I unstick a stuck water creature

    This is mobile bud there are no cryopods
  11. LokiKenzington

    Still crashing every 5 minutes

    Still crashing it may have gotten a tiny bit better but no enough to notice a difference!
  12. LokiKenzington

    Cannot pick up sabers with argie

    Oh ya they secretly disabled wild aggressive Dino pick up
  13. First update came out 3 days ago, game broke. They were so quick on the draw to get a hot fix update out(cool let’s hope it’s fixed) game is still broken. 2 days since the new update and still no word. We get a “gift” to compensate for a game that is still not fully functional? People are still crashing, dying or not even being able to play. How can you leave your game in a state like this especially with a whole lot of people wanting to play on Christmas break?
  14. LokiKenzington

    Bugged argy

    Oh ya they forgot to tell people and forgot to put it in the patch notes that the disabled aggressive wild Dino pick up.