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  1. I do my own taming this was a birthday gift. I’m not one of those lazy beggars that want others to give them everything. Probably why I’ve never gotten to the boss fight In two years lol, solo life is hard. Oh well it was fun while it lasted at least I don’t need to worry about losing my lvl 20 ptera as well that would set me back. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.
  2. Am I going to be dev wiped? So last week I had a owl given to be from a friendly tribe, life was good I took it out of the pod had 3 min hoon around and repodded it. Log on the next day throw out the pod and it can’t deploy and is removed from my inventory well poop. So being that it had glitched out I stupidly thought I’ll submit a ticket and see if it can be replaced. The dev response was that this was an intended mechanic to remove duplicate Dino’s and a Mark has been put on my account and my info has been passed to the enforcement team. So yea am I going to be wiped for a Dino that I had no idea was a duplicate. I don’t even think it was I had used it with a pod before with no probs.
  3. This just happened to me I don’t think it is the server cap mine hit a prema rock so I think the game thought it was meshing but I’m not sure. Apparently you can submit a ticket for it to be replaced. Oh well bye bye lvl 341 owl back to my lvl 20 ptera
  4. I can’t believe this topic is still going lol, but I’ve changed my mind to them big crabs on aberration. The California rolls you could make with just 1 leg.
  5. When your in Australia there is only one standard OC server. Oh well I moved back to the island I missed the water anyway.
  6. I tried to setup on scorched the server was near empty but I got offline raided every day by tribes that were not based there. so does everyone just use it for oil and pearls?
  7. I reckon bronto would make some juicy steaks
  8. Come on everyone did you all really think it was gunna release on time on all platforms, this is wild card we are talking about.
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