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  1. I have heard that, but i have been left behind on alpha manticore summon cause i wasn't lvl req, the person doing it wasn't a tribe member though, do u all need to be in tribe for the summoner lvl to work?
  2. this rumor came from the survivor in the trailer having an ascended alpha implant, and people thought it might signal a requirement, but as someone else pointed out it was probably just to signify the survivor was high lvl, the way the acutally story of the ARK game goes ur supposed to go to SE after ascending from Island, and from SE to aberration, so the story path would have a survivor on earth having defeated rockwell
  3. hmm, yea i suppose that would be simple enough, since the current ones need lvl 100 for alpha, adding those lvls would need ascension
  4. So in the trailer for Exctinction the survivor is seen having and alpha ascension implant, personally i rather like the idea of that requirement, i thought Aberration was gonna have one like that too, i know most people aren't gonna like having content "cut off" from them. But i am genuinly curious as to how it would affect the dynamic of the new map with that requirement. Personally i doubt it would happen though, if it did require ascension less people will buy it and they wont make as much money..so they are very unlikely to do it.
  5. I have a trading related question and those forums are blocked to me, where do i go if for example i have a question about pricing of an item
  6. JPGer

    Greetings fellow surivors

    I'm new to the forums but not the game, iv been playing since EA. but never got around to visiting here, guess i missed out all this time. I'm JPGer, im kinda lazy so all my chars are clones of me basically
  7. Yea, thats what directed me this way, the trade, a friend linked me them and i was blocked, never knew they existed here let alone a requirement to see them. Hopefully one day, my buddy was shocked cause i been playing since EA and never really came to these forums
  8. I been posting in the discussions tab of the community page on steam for ARK..apparently thats the wrong place? I'm finding out that the main site forums are where its at apparently. Is this a better place to post questions and such than the steam page? Also. hello everybody
  9. I think my favorite part of this event was when my server stopped showing up on the list, only to find out its been running this entire time when i got ONE chance to login over 6 days, I was so excited to tame a ravager in my favorite color, and then your failure of a server system and support system tore that chance away from me. Can't wait to see what color ravagers i won't get a chance to tame in the next phase!