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  1. no full 800 dura flak it ignored armor atm
  2. anyone else having issues of plant x shooting super fast and doing 80 dmg ingnoring armor on players and dinos?
  3. i mean they are able to bann him while he never meshed on official and theyre not able to bann the ppl that do? everyone already knew hot to mesh anyway lol
  4. so apperently wildcard decided to bann ppl that are exposing broken things in there own game all ppl know about . instead of banning ppl that try to show you broken things in the game go ban the ppl on official that ddos dupe and mesh LOL
  5. thats very true my dude we should get a rollback ye tbh
  6. 6 hours of work isnt to much tbh we lost like 5 90%+ imprinted gigas bc of this so what worse
  7. everyones ark data just vanished its not a bug with a transmitter itself
  8. all uploads are fully cleared? after new patch what is this for bs
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