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  1. If you have been hardware ID (HWID) banned, any attempt to access the Official Network with an alternate account is subject to another hardware ID ban what is this supposed to be ? a joke? if someone was to be hwid banned he would not be abled to log onto another acc and keep playing, if someone spoofs his hwid or changes parts its not detectable.
  2. Big official tribes bring 600+ ele to a grief and rush with 30+ tapes what makes 100 turret towers disappear in seconds
  3. The main reason that makes outdide vases or big tps useless rightnow are 50 tek tapes swarming your base that dont get shot due to the lag. Also the deployable shield for the mek is by far too strong. And even if the meta changes caves will still be needed for mutation breeding femals
  4. In my eyes the big problem with living outside of caves are titans, tek tapes, ddos causing tapes not to get shot, storage issues (clean females for matation breeding), meks. The problem about the titans is that their attacks make it nearly impossible to counterpush or deffend the choke at desert plat for example while beeing frozen and getting grabbed out of render by groot. Tek tapes are abled to swarm your tower with 40k hp and 30 of them + racers with 140k hp and even more. Since flashes way more than a dedicated of metal now its nearly impossible to effectively flash the riders and the lagg causes tek turrets to not even target the rider. Meks cause unprotected spam to basically be useless and allow to push with mobile forcefields that have a bigger influence on a giga fight than a yuti with their shield debuff. Especially since as a defender you will most likely be heavily outnumbered a wide open area for the enemy to attack from is deadly with the. current state of raiding. + owls and manas killed ground pvp. Dino stats: with the muta breeding dinos go up in stats insanely high, but you cant muta breed your char or base. Thats why theris are faster than a player and 1-hit you, racers with 140k and turtles with 100+ k can soak inproportional amounts of ammo and countering them with them having titan support is quite a challenge if not slightly impossible. For example: on aberration where there are no flyers the big manta boy is downloadable but there is no way of dismounting him.
  5. boosted rates, expecially for breeding since it makes it possible to breed long terme dinos for ppl with reallife
  6. On officail they are used to farm and to pick in wars because of their giant grab hitbox . If it had higher hp (official has ~30-40k it would be more broken because of the lag and turrets not shooting —-> you can alreaddy grab dinos out of enemy bases with enough hp
  7. A lot patches seem like they have no clue of how pvp actually works ... almost all of their ppl have ~100 h on pve so there is a lot of stuf that works rather for pve then for pvp (they also never really tryed to fix meshing ) also if they add more pve fresh servers there will be less players on more servers —> less traiding and other pve stuff
  8. 100% right ! With broken spots as big as carno underneath the world border ceiling on abb you will never be abled to push enemys of the server because these spots are only accessable by rock drake / climbing pick —> place main fob up there along with a tp and you cant get soaked ! Same goes for bases up there that are unraidable and are propably never gonna be found ! WC not thinking about the pvp part of the game again?? ?
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