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  1. LFT PC PVE Official:

         Heyo people, the name is Hexi. They say it's always more fun with someone else ;) Well, that is what this guy is lookin for. I have about 4k hours but barely scratched the surface...in aberration ahahaha. Seriously though, I'm tired of playin alone. I want to take on bosses to unlock all the tek engrams I can. I want to pimp out my implant chip real fancy like. I enjoy grinding for resources and building. However, what I like the most is having a close friend/friemds to go on adventures together. I like being apart of a team. So if you are looking for tribemates that want to be a tribemate, then count me in. I don't mind ranks and I have respect for others. 

  2. Don't make exotic dinos breedable


         One of the best aspects of Ark is the array of dinos in various colors and difficulty in obtaining them. This is arguably one of Ark's best features. If you make wyverns, griffons, drakes, golems, and all other exotic dinos breedable they lose there value significantly. Think about how often you see an event colored wyvern with high stats compared to an event giga with high stats. However an event wyvern is harder to obtain than an event giga because it can be bred. This lowers the value of gigas. There is no wow or shock effect in owning a great colored giga. However an event colored wyvern is regarded as a true trouphy because it is difficult to obtain. Everyone knows you must first get a good wyvern egg. Then you must get lucky in getting an event color at a particular time in the year. Finally you must successfully raise it. It is these factors that give it such marvel. If you can breed these over and over again then everyone would have them, thus reducing there value. Once a time ago wyverns were truely amazing to have because you could only get them on Ragnarok. Since Valgeuro they have diminished in value. This is the same thing. Please don't make these exotic dinos breedable. No griffons, wyverns, drakes, golems, reapers, etc. I truly  believe Wildcard would do a great disservice in making these dinos breedable. Collecting those dinos with awesome abilities and rarity is why I play, and I believe the same for others as well. Anyone agree?

  3. I think keeping the Anky non-auto harvest is a good idea. I enjoy the balance of difficulty in the game. Perhaps making it available for all but official servers would work, but making the Anky auto harvest on official servers would contribute to the down fall of the game. It's like most people don't understand that the difficulty balance in a game is a make or break thing. If a game is to easy it loses replay value. If a game is to difficult it becomes non-enjoyable. The DLC maps are a prime example of that. Most people play the Island, Ragnarok, Valguero, Exstinction. Whiles less people play Aberration and even less play Scorched Earth. What makes Ark so great is it's balance in difficulty. The Anky is already one powerful dino. It can swim good, is an  easy tame, has a great hit, harvests the best resources, and can be picked up by some flyers. I think we need to leave the Anky as is to keep the game riveting.

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