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  1. Wow this whole time thought it was just some freak replicator issue. Totally an HLNA blink issue. I’ve basically been putting my co troller down while crafting its so annoying.
  2. same issue here. I actually looked in expert mode and the line does not exist in the .ini I added it as well, trying true and False, nothing works. Anyone get this working yet?
  3. HAd this issue and read some other post, changing the number from 1 does seem to work for me. Anything giving you 1 of an item will disapear...so be greedy and make 2 or more. I tried with something random like bee hives and it worked for me.
  4. So here is my experience. Tried to breed 2 different females. 1. Got the hearts, did the little flip thing like it got pregnant. No timer appears. Re-logged, nothing. No birth after what should have been gestation time. Literally Nothing happened. 2. Female 2, bred, got hearts, got the Requires max addiction over her head after breeding. So I tried to feed it more element, it bugged out and would not eat until it was down to only needing 1 element. Fed it element, she got large, when the buff ran out and she turned small again, she had a breeding cooldown as is she just had a baby. So 75 element later, I have 1 broken that will not breed at all now. The other has a 10 hour cooldown, from never producing a baby. Double fail with different errors. Guess I’ll will cryo them until the devs figure out how to fix it.
  5. Ocean Platform Destruction Delay Simple one here. Just add a delay to the execution of destroying an Ocean Platform. Kind of like how Unclaming a dino takes a few extra seconds. I destroyed literally half my base on accident because it was next to a ceiling tile haha. RIP
  6. Invisible Reaper King So before the patch to fix the invisible drones, I never really knew what was killing me and i always just ran away form the invis damage. Today I lost a tame to an invisible Surface Reaper King. Can confirm they do exist, and are definitely invisible now.
  7. Whats funny is, this setting fixes it on other maps, but still Broken on Genesis lol. Super fail
  8. Same. NO resolution found. Looked in formus, even submitted a ticket, nothing works. Their support told me they cannot help any further and they don't know how to fix it. So went back to xbox
  9. I have noticed this too. Walls get placed sideways...I built a whole other floor on it with pillars and ceilings to get around it...but thats a terrible work around lol
  10. Same, Lost entire base. All tames (bc they were in cryo) The WIldcard update and Nitrado didn't align, so the settings conflicted, thus lost everything that was built on mission area. I actually cant even find my server this morning. I got a patch early this morning and since then my Nitrado server cannot be found. I dont think this is a Nitrado issue, its Wildcard patching raptored everything up. Worst New map launch in the history of the game.
  11. Interesting.... Have you tried with an Argy as well on Official? I can fly around on a tamed Argy just fine in Single player. Only the Ptera has issues.
  12. Genesis Pteranodon - Cant Ride Bug Anyone else having issues with Pters Tame's? I am on #3 now. All tames in Bog Biome. At first i brought one to the Snow Biome. I no longer was able to Ride it. Access Inventory only. I swapped saddled. Cryo'd it. Nothing works. I even tried this on my unofficial server and same bug. I can ride it immediately after taming. If you teleport to another biom or cryo it, no more pteradon riding.
  13. Ya this whole double whistle thing is terrible. Happening here too.
  14. I'm 90% sure anything you buy on MS store goes to PC as well. So long as you use the same MS account on your xbox as well as PC. I bought the game and all xpacs, and Genesis on XBox, and can play them on PC. I have 100 issues with the game itself as cross play settings are garbage at best...but it's how it is supposed to work.
  15. Same here. It was a clean install, never played on PC before. Ran fine on Xbox 1, just wanted to try out the switch to PC...cant even play the game lol. I opened a ticket...we shall see what they say.
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