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  1. No in game music, Teleport bugs, whistling. I will say WIN 10 far exceeds the performance of X box but with its own inherent bugs. The in game music really bugs me. How some works and some doesn't is really frustrating to try and find a fix for.
  2. That line does not exist in UWP\input.ini It does exist in cleansourceconfigs\input.ini - Editing this just reverts the setting once I run the game again. Maybe i'm missing a step? I see the other post has some copy\paste from file to file but his network paths look like a steam version of the game. Anyone have advice?
  3. I was in tek gear sadly so don’t think that’s it. Unless the tek buff doesn’t count when you’re Crashing and loading
  4. God i cant believe this is still an issue. The entire biome we have our main base in is nearly unplayable. Crash every 5-10 min in the water. Is anyone else dying also? When i DC there is a 50/50 shot that i spawn in dead...being killed from absolutely nothing by me. We are currently teleporting to other biomes just to farm basic mats...so painful
  5. Reaper Admin Spawn w/ Event So by default, Reaper Queens have no Color regions. When an event is active, all the reaper queens look the same. The babies however have about a 5% chance to come out with event colors. Now when you spawn in any dino with admin commands, during an event, they will never have an event color. The coding prevents this. The only way to get an event color is to find it in the wild. So, has anyone admin spawned in a reaper queen, gotten pregnant, and gotten an event color from it? Since the colors are always the same anyway, does the pregnancy change in any way? Me and some friends want some reaper Easter babies, but are having zero luck. We have tested 5 admin spawned in reaper queens, as well as 5-10 wild ones, with no colors. We don't want to waste time with the admin spawned queens if the offspring colors are not possible in the first place. Looking for anyone who has gotten this to work, or lack there of to save time. Thanks all!
  6. Cannot search for private server, also cannot enter passwords. Every password protected server is currently unable to be logged into.
  7. Is Moeder loot bugged? Or just trash? I feel like Gamma to Alpha is not scaling. Just completed alpha with 8 mosa’s. I received 4 pressure plates, two fish nets and a roll rat saddle. Seriously? I get better loot from any gamma mission that require a single dino.
  8. I found this worked as well. However, I don’t know when but over the last day or so Nitrado added a setting for this without going into expert mode. Makes life easier. Confirmed working, both using the setting and expert mode, editing the .ini
  9. So i had this working by enabling PVE on my nitrado server prior to last night patch. The patch now broke this functionality for me. I looked in the general setting and there is no option for it. It was never working on Genesis to be begin with. However on my cluster this WAS working on Rag and VAL. Same exact settings. This morning me and the boys went out hunting for easter dinos, and the cryo sickness is back. No settings have changed. My next move is downloading the .ini but my guess is the patch reverted something.
  10. Ferox Imprinting Has anyone gotten Ferox imprinting to carry over to enrage state? Official or unofficial. Both seem to be broken. I can breed again, but nothing carries over. Kinda pointless to even get imprints done right now. No buff, no stats, nothing.
  11. Wow this whole time thought it was just some freak replicator issue. Totally an HLNA blink issue. I’ve basically been putting my co troller down while crafting its so annoying.
  12. same issue here. I actually looked in expert mode and the line does not exist in the .ini I added it as well, trying true and False, nothing works. Anyone get this working yet?
  13. HAd this issue and read some other post, changing the number from 1 does seem to work for me. Anything giving you 1 of an item will disapear...so be greedy and make 2 or more. I tried with something random like bee hives and it worked for me.
  14. So here is my experience. Tried to breed 2 different females. 1. Got the hearts, did the little flip thing like it got pregnant. No timer appears. Re-logged, nothing. No birth after what should have been gestation time. Literally Nothing happened. 2. Female 2, bred, got hearts, got the Requires max addiction over her head after breeding. So I tried to feed it more element, it bugged out and would not eat until it was down to only needing 1 element. Fed it element, she got large, when the buff ran out and she turned small again, she had a breeding cooldown as is she just had a baby. So 75 element later, I have 1 broken that will not breed at all now. The other has a 10 hour cooldown, from never producing a baby. Double fail with different errors. Guess I’ll will cryo them until the devs figure out how to fix it.
  15. Ocean Platform Destruction Delay Simple one here. Just add a delay to the execution of destroying an Ocean Platform. Kind of like how Unclaming a dino takes a few extra seconds. I destroyed literally half my base on accident because it was next to a ceiling tile haha. RIP
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