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  1. Its not a terrible idea. Although i dont agree with vehicles (lets be honest, who would used them when you have dinos) but weapons like a tek harpoon launcher or new turret types would be cool
  2. You poop head you can mesh only with dinos and if dinos are removed whats the point of the game
  3. Ikr Mojang is the absolute contrary to WC. Mojang listens to the community all the time, has a part of the forum with pinned ideas from the players that they are working on or will work eventually and even let the community decise what is implemented to the game and what order. WC doesnt give a fck about the community, bans ppl for absolutly nothing, let the cheaters get away and destroys the players hard work as they please
  4. Why mention more stuff, its not like they hear the community
  5. They are pretty good without bugs. Me and a friend killed the desert titan with manas before the update. Really easy fight, took a bit since it was only 2 manas tho
  6. I wouldnt call the mana the best flier. Lately ive been having a bug (one that completly made me abandon manas) where that stupid creatures does the mini boost foward on its own every raptoring goddamn time i jump or go down a cliff. Its been happening since the latest update and also everytime it starts doing that my game starts to crash nonstop
  7. I used to be a solo player as well and the only map that i didnt defeat the bosses was abereation (and extinction since it didnt existed at the time). Gigas can be strong and fast but their uses are very limited, same for the mosas. With griffins and thylas you can do so much more stuff than with a giga. I see ppl using rock elementals to soak turrets in PVP, have you ever seen a giga been used to do anything than just finishing off a raid?
  8. I recommend a "How to play ARK and creatures benefits" session for you
  9. Its a new team that is working on an existing game which means that they had to learn how the game works first before starting to code. Considering how much bugs and broken stuff the game had before, they are doing an extremely good job at making ARK a better game. And bugs/glitchs will come to every game with any update no matter how much testing the devs do
  10. The only one that is not worth accepting in this tier is the megalania. Griffins are the only flyers that you can shoot of their back, Thyla are powerful and an extremely good mount for travelling, Yutis are very important for boss fights and Rock Golems are beasts for soaking turrets
  11. In the past Sunday, i found a 125 reaper queen got her down to 2k hp, she grabbed me and buried away afterwards but i didnt get the embryo. Is this a bug? Ps: my shinehorn was far away enough not to affected the queen with charge Also are we getting new tek saddles/structures that we were promised like the wyvern tek saddle? Also if you guys do SE ascension cutscene can you also make bosses for the center and ragnarok? The center doesnt get many love and ragnarok despite beign a beloved map, i think that unique bosses would make they even more enjoyable to play
  12. You know what? You are right. The unnofficials got increased rates too. Someone needs desperatly to learn how to gather information
  13. Thx for the clarifying but then why in the event notes it says " All servers official and unofficial will also experience the following bonuses (auto-activated or can be toggled manually by running ActiveEvent=vday): Mate Boosted range increased by 2x Mating Speed and Mating Recovery increased by 3x Creature Maturing and Egg Incubation speed has been increased by 3x Baby Food Consumption has been decreased by 1/3"
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