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  1. I have done everything I can to try and fix this stupid Ark error. I've redownloaded Ark, and discord. (Because every time I get a message on discord is what causes it to crash.) But now the game won't even open! Please HELP
  2. It really depends. Herbivores are easier personally because the berries do not spoil as quickly as raw meat does. You can take a guess when you breed by the base lvl and the colors they have. If you use ark smart breeder (which you can download from the internet) and export the dinos you are breeding. They can help judge what the baby might be.
  3. I'm glad everyone is doing so well! I've had 16 Ravs, 3 Gigas, 1 Quetz, 3 Thylas, 9 Boss Rexs, 19 Megalos (and counting some unhatched), 5 Velos, 1 Gasbag, 3 failed Wyverns, 8 Otters, 6 Featherlights, 3 Wolves, 3 Glowtail babies, 8 Mana babies, and 1 little Sabertooth. @FeyGriffin I kinda feel your pain I am mostly a solo player as my tribemate has not been on in over a month. So I've been doing this event alone. But good luck everyone!
  4. Are you raising something for your sweet beloved? Or a horrible joke for a tribe mate? Maybe even buying your friend their favorite dino to raise. Let's talk about it! And share our ideas with others during this Valentine's day to help others who are a bit stuck! Or so you can say what you want and maybe your special someone can take a look and get the hint ?
  5. My friend pointed out to me that there is a trading section here in the forums. How to I become active enough that I am able to use that trading section?
  6. Nothing would change then if you had bred something though and imprinted on it you would lose the "buddy" effect
  7. Dear Ark Players, Do you love the server resets? Do you love working so hard on a building just to have it be all erased and have to start all over? What about losing a tame you just knocked out for it to wake up because all gameplay has been reset to 30 minutes ago? Or even better falling out of the sky because a server reset and losing not only a dino but a possible Quetz tame? And what's great is it recently has become worse. In fact, if you join the Offical Extinction Server 467 you will find that you get to play a total of 10 whole minutes before the server resets over and over again! I don't know if this is like this in other servers, but I hope not because it's very frustrating sitting and playing basically doing nothing literally because it gets reset. Good Luck Ark Survivors! Vampy
  8. Dear Ark Players and Staff, I have encountered a serious problem with Managarmrs that seems to repeat itself continuously no matter what I do. They die in matters completely out of my control, and without me even getting a chance to screenshot it or ask for help. The most common one I have seen is the Managarmr seem to get stuck in the river beds if you send them to attack something, or really get stuck on anything, as well as float into oblivion when they hit a mountain just right. I have lost two Managarmr this way one was a low level which I don't care for, but the other was a higher level and I would like back if possible. As well as the other one that seemed to have starved to death after I fed it right before I got off. I spoke with other players on my server, and we discussed that the possibility of the Dino starving was almost impossible unless of a rollback. But I have also noticed while riding Managarmr they drain food INSANELY fast even while standing still. The two Managarmr I lost were both wild base 95 Male and Female Managarmrs they were not perfectly tamed with maybe a few pieces of prime and the rest regular meat. Please other ark players take caution when sending your Managarmr out to battle alone always ride it! It is glitchier than the drakes! The evidence of the death's of my Managarmr will be on my steam's screenshots with my logs showing. It only shows they died, and not the actual reason. Steam: VampireQueen326 - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151381763/ Exctinction Sever: EU-PVE-Official-Exctinction467 - (v286.104) Coords: 23,68
  9. This ping is still an issue. Even going to the drake nests is a no go for me with this kind of problems. Mostly because my drake can't glide in these conditions. Which is really annoying and hindering the player to bunny hop across the map. I hope someone can get to this soon.
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