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  1. Alfrz

    tek skin Tek Skin

    Is the dev have a plan adding some Tek Skin to ARK mobile?,if it have ,it would great even if that cost a money i think
  2. Hope you and the dev can fix The Scuba mask glitch soon! My apologize for not know that the tuso in ARK mobile and PC is difference 😅
  3. Is the map bug when equip SCUBA mask not ben fixed?,in my solo game the map become glitched when equip SCUBA mask And also my Tusoteuthis can't grab Mosasaur,Is It bug or not,but in the PC it can grab Mosasaur
  4. Alfrz

    file size Save Data File Size

    It did work!,now i can save to cloud yeaayyy!!! Thank you ??
  5. Alfrz

    file size Save Data File Size

    Okay that's alright,but what affect the save file to become such a big?,i.e tame or an resource we have in storage,if that so, i will decrease that thing
  6. I tried creating a new single player game on my device (an android), and I was able to save that one to Cloud Save with no problem. That new save file was only something like 600 kB, compared to my "main" save game on my iPhone, which is approximately 28,000 kB.Well How do you solve this?,And What make the data is so large?
  7. But im using a Xiaomi Mi A1,and there's no phone's cloud settings to purchase more,i have looking for that
  8. Oh,but yesterday i was looking for that but i can't find the site,can you help me to give link the site to purchase more storage please?,i want to play in another device ??
  9. It's about my save file,it been a while since im not save to the cloud because it file to big,the system says that,well how do you fix them?
  10. Today I Update the game but it show cannot update (problem code 940) from playstore
  11. I bought chieftan hat skin today,but when i want to place the hat after i equip with armor hat,it can't be placed in the trophy wall mount,anyone can help please?
  12. Hey Wardrum,I think My Single Player Cannot Spawn Any Equus,Because I looked And Killed Other Dino For 3 Hour And The Equus Cannot Spawn,I Think You Should Make An Update To Repair Equus Spawn Frequently