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  1. EnergyDrink

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    When this nonsense happens, players are destined to just deal with it on their own. No support or help is available from WC. Proof right here. P.S. Dear WildCard, when you delete and wipe player bases and dinos, please send some email with psychiatric professionals contacts, and a tutorial on "how to deal with loss". P.P.S. Honestly, if the ones who deleted my gfs and my base with dinos, read this: [insert swear word], you ! Have a good day!
  2. EnergyDrink

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    People should be able to play the game however they want, if you want to breed dodos, do that. Please dont spread your negativity here.
  3. EnergyDrink

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    That's what we did, breeding mostly featherlights and shinehorns... had many colors.. my own featherlight line was around 280-290 born and clean... But we got WIPED completely..
  4. EnergyDrink

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    Ye we had a lot of light pets... but with no warning or any message or even a simple email.. they just came and deleted 1year of our taming/breeding/building/harvesting/collecting in a second... and still no reply from them...
  5. EnergyDrink

    Fanart Friday 1!

    Thanks for wiping our base and dinos...and there is 0 ways to get help.. really.. thanks WC
  6. EnergyDrink

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    Thank you WildCard Enforcement Monsters for killing my and my GFs work! 2000 hours of building base and breeding dinos for nothing.....
  7. EnergyDrink

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    This is Official 375 Aberation PVE. Devs just came and deleted all we had. We had about 3-4 dodos at all... the server has never ever reached cap, and me and my gf were just breeding light pets, and drakes, and couple reapers... yes, we had a lot of dinos, but we always were below 500... everything else we kept in cryopods, or even in 1 other server on center were we play a bit.
  8. EnergyDrink

    Main base on 375 WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base

    If anyone had issues with a wipe, can you explain how was it resolved? If the wipe was done but it was a wrong move.
  9. Our Main base got WIPED with all dinos/blueprints/base because of "Your tribe was wiped for spamming tames to cap a server. This is against Code of Conduct. Ark Enforcement Team" Why have this been done to use? We lost 50+ our own grown event drakes, all the colored Featherlights, SHinehorns, Glowtails and bulbods and MANY other dinos.. also a huge base... Me and my GF played there together since last year summer..and we are not some people who tries to "cap a server".. We didnt even have 500/500... we were close like 490/500 or something like that.... Anyone has any contacts were i could contact directly, and get this sorted..
  10. It's a sad day to see you WildCard responding to criticism in this way. You might need to press some brakes and see yourself in the mirror. Thousands of people are not happy, its all your fault. Nobody elses. Bugs, crashes, mesh problems, exploits. Very dissapointed. I expext more from WC. I have had myself so many problems like... *dinos under-mesh ( aberation red zone for example. Can 100% replicate). And then dying cause your GM comes after 3 weeks.. *Baby dinos dying cause server keeps crashing. *People lose characters and then they lose their bases cause you dont reply in time and everything decays. These problems could be solved with better HelpDesk admins and fixing up meshing exploits...
  11. EnergyDrink

    Karkinos Taming With New Kibble System IMPOSSIBLE ?

    exactly. i just had one friend on my server lost ownership of his dinos and base, because while transfering the target server crashed, and his char got bugged. so playing on one map is not a bad idea.
  12. Karkinos Taming With New Kibble System IMPOSSIBLE ? So basically all eggs used to make kibble for Karkinos is not on Aberation, except of the basilisk egg which is very rare, and really hard to get. Also, impossible to get prime fish meat on Aberation, so no way to cook them ? (i know i can get some from fishing, but that is kind of luck and random) What do you guys think ? What would be the best solution? Exceptional Kibble Eggs: Basilisk Egg Bronto Egg Giganotosaurus Egg Quetzal Egg Rex Egg Tek Quetzal Egg Tek Rex Egg Therizino Egg Yutyrannus Egg All dinos DONT EXIST ON ABE. Except basilisk.....
  13. To tame a karkinos you need to either use eggs that dont exist on Aberation map, or use eggs from a basilisk, which taming a basilisks you need to have fert Rock drake eggs stolen from the trench.... so to have a basic Farming dino you need to first get rock drake eggs > tame a bunch of female basilisk ( because they lay eggs very slowly) and then cook a Kibble which requires Prime Fish meat, which is also impossible to get on Aberation map (except fishing..which is a random luck). TL;DR; To Tame a Karkinos you now have to have fert rock drake eggs + basilisk farm + prime fish meat which is impossible to get on map.
  14. you do realise, basilisk lay eggs very slow, and you need rock drake eggs to tame basilisks... so getting a farming dino (Karkinos) will take SO much for a new player..