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    Oh no not another one of these...
  2. Lee3

    Ark Theories

    Dude, if you are looking for a Server that fits your needs come to mine. Or at least come say hello on discord as i bet u would fit in based on what u are looking for. We are all VERY pumped for the DLC and will be adding it on day 1. https://discord.gg/ch5hA9
  3. Lee3

    Ark Theories

    Homo Deus Colonist Group 1327: Endangered The "Colonist group" of this bit interests me. Could the other Homo Deus have moved on from Earth?
  4. Our server is designed for the more Casual PvP kind of gameplay. So rather than the boring nature of PvE, or the extreme Rates and Mulitpliers of PvP servers we have mashed them together to make a more rounded ark experience. No Offline raiding, No Griefing players and No Swearing in Global chat (for younger players.) Maps: The Island, Aberration, Scorched Earth (This will be replaced with the new DLC map when it releases.) Island https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2479733 Aberation https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2479732 Scorched https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/2479735 Rates: 2x exp, 3x taming, 4x maturing and egg incubation. MODS: S+, Stacksonly, Wyvern Nests (for griffin spawning on island and ice Wyvern spawning on Scorched Earth) Auction House, Awesome Spyglass and Human NPCs. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YdvKxHV Arena and Weekly events: We hold weekly arenas and do events such as treasure hunts and Boss fights. EXTINCTION: We are very pumped for the new DLC and will most certainly be including the new DLC from its first day release. In view of that, we have a Text page on discord dedicated to Extinction related news and all known features and links to keep the hype going. Please fell free to just join our discord and say hi. See you in there! (Lee-Apeman)
  5. Lee3

    lore Extinction Conclusion Theories

    Good question. I personally hope some kind of Ascension happens. But it would be OP. If not then it would be for nothing. However, the most recent explorer notes highlights a broken system we will be fixing so... maybe no ascension but rather we did our bit to fix a broken system and save humanity.
  6. Awesome. Always glad of any Extinction updates
  7. Lee3

    Tek Dinosaurs- Why are They Here?

    Just read all her notes. the last one identifies that you (the player) were caused by her and you are going to fix the broken system
  8. Lee3

    Tek Dinosaurs- Why are They Here?

    I like your thinking, but with the release of the most recent explorer notes by "???" the theory dont add up - "No matter how many you clear, the System will never deem you strong enough, because you are playing by broken rules." So whatever the system is doing it is flawed. So dinos showing up now like this (if they are even partof the lore) would only happen now because of 2 things IMO: 1) "???" is causing it and 2) The overseers (the system) is broken. Read the notes for "???" she is interesting - "Thousands of puzzle pieces, scattered across these islands - these seeds in the sky - slowly coalescing and taking shape.." could be in reference to humans or even things like the tek dinos. Will wait and see
  9. Lee3

    Aberration display screens.

    I have wondered for a long time about these screens scattered around the map. Very easy one to find is at the end of the portal. If you look on them you will see faded image or even a map. I have seen on one of them some numbers leading me you believe it's s map. Could be they were used by Helena and her tribe to move round the map easier during the portal construction. Anyone have a theory?