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  1. The Ip and Discord link isn't working, has the server been shutdown?
  2. Griffins were on Ragnarok a FREE DLC the wyverns were first introduced in scorched earth a DLC you had to pay for. The game is free but almost every free game has ads and things to buy , but its like not they're forcing you to buy those things its only to help make the experience better. Wyverns are not free in pc what would make you think they would be free on a free version of it (Before Ragnarok though). The best way I would think they would release wyverns, if they made players buy the egg using irl money that would make much more sense.
  3. Ahem again this game is free if they added wyverns and etc what would be the point of pc ark? Mobile has its own unique items and etc aswell would be unfair if mobile got wyverns and more while being FREE, while pc ark would just have the things it already has. Wyverns were first introduced in a dlc if Ark mobile added a dlc to ark mobile it'll be fine since they would be earning money from that, but since its free what would be the point in playing pc ark? Sure there will be some stuff that mobile does not have to ark pc, but ark mobile is free unlike pc ark which costs money. If they do add wyverns might cost a dlc or just cost money for the eggs, which im hoping they do that.
  4. SirTinymo

    Pursuit Guide

    im pretty advanced in the game and that happend to me in single player with rex kibble. I followed the instruction but it didnt complete. I cancled it and started again but forgot it needed prime meat jerky so I was like nope. I put away the rex kibble then grabbed it again and i finished the quest. try that maybe
  5. try to go on a raft and recall it
  6. Also you can just watch ads till you get 10 amber then buy a outpost to buy scuba gear. Though I would not recommend if you do not have a decent level meg/itchy
  7. thats what I thought to until i was flying on my arge on the snow places( 1 year ago lol). Go to the snow place near the coast lines and there should be oil rocks. I suggest taking a arge and let the arge carry a ankylo you've tamed. Hope I could help Edit: you can also just mine it with your pick
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