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  1. Genesis being another simulation would make no sense from a story perspective, we already know what happened to earth and stopped it in Extinction. What would be the point of putting the survivors in another simulation, especially considering without the implant supposedly we can't resurrect anymore?
  2. With Element supposedly destroyed in Extinction So in the final cut scene unless I'm mistaken all the element veins were destroyed on Earth when the Ark's came done. Do you all think that means there will be a new way of powering Tek items or possibly an all new form of Tek. Or like in real life will we just continue using Element, the thing that caused all this in the first place, still to power Tek?
  3. Fixes are an ongoing process that never ends with any game, but this far past their last DLC they know whether there is the manpower and funding for new paid DLC and/or a sequel. Again this not because I need it now, it can be another year from now, just want to know it's coming. Or is the well dried up in terms of manpower and funding on Ark.
  4. 6 months since Ext. It's now been six months roughly since extinction dropped, and while I'm have a lot of fun in the game as always, I can't help but wonder is this the end of Ark. While the dev team keeps using the terms "it's an exciting time" for the game it doesn't answer the question as to whether there is a whole new sequel coming, or more DLC content in the form of a season 2 pass. Personally I don't need details on what would be in a sequel or a new season pass I just need to know there is one or the other coming.
  5. I agree wyverns should not be breedable but definitely need to spawn in higher levels than they currently do.
  6. I have been thinking about the point raised a couple responses above mine. I believe ark should implement microtransactions. Skins, decorative items and the like would be a great way to ensure funding for new DLC's and hardware upgrades on the server side.
  7. I would love to just see more skins in general for all items. Decorations and such for bases would be awesome as well.
  8. I'm looking to do this fight solo and I'm curious what is the minimum armor value for a rex saddle in order to do Alpha. I want to get the transmitter and cloning chamber all in one shot.
  9. Mana in my mind are not even worth having at this point, I've stopped raising all my mana.
  10. We currently are keeping everything podded and pull out the appropriate layer in groups of 5 as needed, 1 male and 4 females.
  11. Thanks guys that's kinda what I was thinking, that wild giga are terrifying and should just be avoided at all costs.
  12. Having knocked out a wild giga and seen the insane amount of health they can have, is it possible for a tame Giga to beat one? What stats would the tame giga have to have to win in a one on one fight?
  13. Not sure if this is a bug or intended. I uploaded an alpha wyvern trophy last night to the obelisk and it said it was loaded in, but then immediately disappeared and was not in the inventory of the obelisk anywhere or my inventory. I thought these trophies were transferable?
  14. Are we going to get a transcript of the Dev live stream that happened on Mar. 5th. for those of us that couldn't watch it?
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