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  1. Core24x

    Xbox Summer Sale!

    I wish I could play ABberation but it's been broken for a week and lots of other people are having this issue
  2. Hey, so now this has happening to me for the past week, I can't load into abberation on my xbox one x and it seems a lot other people are having the same issue it occured after the latest update, It's very annoying, hopefully you guys might be able to figure something out, or even post about it.
  3. Core24x

    Abberation Broken?

    Is Abberation crashing for anyone on the xbox, It's pretty annoying it's been happening to me for a week, seems as if the devs could care less.
  4. Wondering If anyone knows what I could do to fix this issue I've factory reset I've hard booted I've contacted people nothing helps.
  5. How do you clear the cache I've looked it up and found nothing I have the x