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  1. Anyone else wanted the giant crab?
  2. Maybe they changed it for the leeds so they don't despawn? To allow for the meat harvesting
  3. My tribe can finally be the dothraki now. If only we got some kind of larger sickle we could use as a weapon
  4. That would be cool. Imagine covering a bronti with then to act as armor. And raptors should be able to do that too and attack the thing they are latched on to
  5. Cool but the size comparison is off. It's not that big Edit: nvm just realized there's a human in the dossier your right
  6. Cook but the size comparison is off. It's not that big
  7. Basically a sand worm that hides in the sand and waits for prey to come by and then it jumps out and bites them. Basically like purlovia. Pretty cool
  8. See that's where your're both missing the point. I never said it was prehistoric. I know it's made up. But that definitely doesn't make it modern
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