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  1. It's how I expect it would work with my experience with UMG in the DevKit thus far. Last I checked pressing TAB does nothing while the send field is receiving keyboard input, but I do recall that it shows the mouse cursor when you press enter, which makes absolutely zero sense to me, considering that the pawn/viewport still responds to the mouse movement so if you move the mouse it just goes nuts. -WM
  2. They probably mean when the Chat box is consuming input already(otherwise it would need a little more manipulation to determine if the chatbox is what is intended to be changed by TAB). So if you hit enter or something or whatever it is to open the chat to send a message, pressing TAB after that would change the channel. -WM
  3. WoefulMacabre

    Upcoming Pach, Extra Life and ARK Digest 42!

    Yes, it does. Unless you pack up and move before it happens... which you should probably do sooner than later. -WM
  4. WoefulMacabre

    Upcoming Pach, Extra Life and ARK Digest 42!

    Hey Jeremy, thanks for the answer to my question but I think I may have confused you with how I phrased it? I was mainly trying to determine if the dispatchers in question didn't exist already because there was something special about the ShooterCharSpawn/Died dispatchers that are bindable from outside of the GameMode - and all you need is a reference to attach your logic to those events. I certainly don't have the knowledge of UE4 that you or really any of the designers/programmers under ARK's various studios, but from my understanding it would be "relatively" simple to call a dispatcher each - in the GameMode that is bindable - after say the respawn has completed and when a player has been given their character(if they've been on the server before and aren't dead) that passes through the ShooterChar/controller reference so we can do whatever it is we like already. I'm technically already doing with my Admin Command Menu mod what you suggested - though with a different approach, but the actor goes into stasis so timers won't work(to my knowledge anyway) so I'll be looking into using either a timeline or I'll experiment with the Map Extension route, but my main purpose for trying to get such dispatchers callable and bindable like the existing ShooterChar ones is currently due to the way in which I have to detect players, it increases RAM usage on servers considerably because the server needs to keep the actor in RAM and processing at all times(the logic runs from an event that never ends - it just delays before it goes back to the start - but can be stopped via a Gate when required). Thanks, -WM
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    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will there ever be triggers/dispatchers added for player respawns and login/logout? Currently, you can only detect when a player spawns, and this only occurs when they "create" a character, not if they respawn. There is also no means of detecting when a player has logged in or, more specifically and accurately, been assigned the character they will use for play, and the only means of detecting someone leaving the game is by listening to when their controller is destroyed. All of this can be resolved "adequately" by replacing the GameMode and implementing such detections directly, but this then prevents others from using the GameMode OR can prevent a mod from working when the GameMode gets replaced by a mod that either does use it, or doesn't but is following the bad habit set out from the beginning of specifying your own GameMode even when you don't need to. -WM
  6. A "Mod" is simply a data-mod really. It adds things to the game, or modifies them(core-data mods), but isn't just a map. @Jat For clarification purposes, I've been working on a project by myself that encompasses all three categories, would using the TC category be the most appropriate as that is the most drastic or consequential? -WM