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  1. It's how I expect it would work with my experience with UMG in the DevKit thus far. Last I checked pressing TAB does nothing while the send field is receiving keyboard input, but I do recall that it shows the mouse cursor when you press enter, which makes absolutely zero sense to me, considering that the pawn/viewport still responds to the mouse movement so if you move the mouse it just goes nuts. -WM
  2. They probably mean when the Chat box is consuming input already(otherwise it would need a little more manipulation to determine if the chatbox is what is intended to be changed by TAB). So if you hit enter or something or whatever it is to open the chat to send a message, pressing TAB after that would change the channel. -WM
  3. Dedicated server keeps crashing

    Something causes an extraneous .arkprofile file to be created or at the very least causes the server to think there is an invalid/unknown player, some have stated TheIsland is not affected, whereas TheCenter and ScorchedEarth repeatedly crop up. ACM not being compiled against the live game build for 2-3 months could be part of the issue but is likely to not be the entire reason. Regardless, ACM won't be updated in the immediate future, if it's causing problems remove it and either use something else like ARK Commander(an external program) or DavidBC's "cheat" mod(part of his larger TC project or something), or simply wait... V2.7 is too large of an update to rush and due to complications when work started my live build source and backups were overwritten with the development build so there is absolutely zero chances of doing a quick "cook and update" against the current ARK build. -WM
  4. ARK Digest Q&A!

    " Upcoming Version: v251.0, ETA: Nov 23 - ARK: Turkey Trial 2! New challenge and cosmetics! Earnable Emotes! (this system also enables Mods to add more Emotes to the game!) " ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Is there some form of limitation to Post Process materials that can be used via this method? I have several complex-ish PostProcess materials that will work perfectly fine either when added to the GPPV(GlobalPPVolume) directly, or via a dirty workaround at run-time on a client-by-client basis, but when used in the Buff' explicit Post Process Effect and added to the additional array for the PGD, absolutely zero of the effects work. Some of the materials make use of the CustomDepth buffer for a "highlighting/outlining" effect. As the same effect is shown to be working in the reveal trailer, does that mean this is a current limitation and has since been overcome internally - in regards to being used in buffs - or is there some key point that needs to be considered when doing these kinds of materials for PostProcessing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT: Secondary question(s) that just jumped into my head as I begin a refactoring of my Admin Command Menu mod: Can we possibly get a function that can return all child classes of a specified class, NOT actor references but an array of returned class references (so pass in the PrimalItem class for example, and return every class that is a child of that class including all childs of those and childs of those and so on until the end of the hierarchy is reached); And; Potentially a secondary function that takes a class input and can return the path to that class as a string, i.e the same that you would get from 'Right Click > Copy Reference' on a file in the content browser(Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/... etc.). In my Admin mod, I have an array of almost 700 structs that I needed to create by hand, because the Master list was abandoned in the PrimalGameData some time ago, to facilitate easy and simple spawning of items, but if I can generate the spawn commands dynamically at run-time by assessing all valid classes, it nullifies my need to update the mod with every content release, plus it would be a pretty neat feature to have in the editor. References: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/216411/get-all-child-blueprints-of-parents-not-just-those.html https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/92651/get-blueprint-class-by-string-in-c.html https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/182569/how-do-i-get-the-folder-path-of-an-actor.html -WM
  5. ARK Digest Q&A!

    I appreciate the answer to my last question regarding logging in and out and respawn logic, and the declaration of global actors is great, but I think I need to rephrase my query with something a little more direct as I think I skewed Jeremy's response by the wording of my question as the response didn't really make sense regarding basic knowledge in how Dispatchers work. In the GameMode, ShooterCharacterSpawned and Died are bindable Event Dispatchers that can call upon custom logic if we bind to these dispatchers with just a reference to said GameMode. Given that, my question is why doesn't there already exist an Event Dispatcher each for player respawns(i.e choosing not to create a new character - the only current means of calling ShooterCharacterSpawned) and player connection events(ideally once the player has taken possession of their previous character in the case of logging in), and/or if they were on the cards for getting added into the GameMode so events can be bound to the dispatchers for our own custom needs while maintaining the ability to stack our mod(s) with others. Thanks. -WM
  6. Upcoming Pach, Extra Life and ARK Digest 42!

    Yes, it does. Unless you pack up and move before it happens... which you should probably do sooner than later. -WM
  7. Upcoming Pach, Extra Life and ARK Digest 42!

    Hey Jeremy, thanks for the answer to my question but I think I may have confused you with how I phrased it? I was mainly trying to determine if the dispatchers in question didn't exist already because there was something special about the ShooterCharSpawn/Died dispatchers that are bindable from outside of the GameMode - and all you need is a reference to attach your logic to those events. I certainly don't have the knowledge of UE4 that you or really any of the designers/programmers under ARK's various studios, but from my understanding it would be "relatively" simple to call a dispatcher each - in the GameMode that is bindable - after say the respawn has completed and when a player has been given their character(if they've been on the server before and aren't dead) that passes through the ShooterChar/controller reference so we can do whatever it is we like already. I'm technically already doing with my Admin Command Menu mod what you suggested - though with a different approach, but the actor goes into stasis so timers won't work(to my knowledge anyway) so I'll be looking into using either a timeline or I'll experiment with the Map Extension route, but my main purpose for trying to get such dispatchers callable and bindable like the existing ShooterChar ones is currently due to the way in which I have to detect players, it increases RAM usage on servers considerably because the server needs to keep the actor in RAM and processing at all times(the logic runs from an event that never ends - it just delays before it goes back to the start - but can be stopped via a Gate when required). Thanks, -WM
  8. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will there ever be triggers/dispatchers added for player respawns and login/logout? Currently, you can only detect when a player spawns, and this only occurs when they "create" a character, not if they respawn. There is also no means of detecting when a player has logged in or, more specifically and accurately, been assigned the character they will use for play, and the only means of detecting someone leaving the game is by listening to when their controller is destroyed. All of this can be resolved "adequately" by replacing the GameMode and implementing such detections directly, but this then prevents others from using the GameMode OR can prevent a mod from working when the GameMode gets replaced by a mod that either does use it, or doesn't but is following the bad habit set out from the beginning of specifying your own GameMode even when you don't need to. -WM
  9. Video Driver Crashed and was Reset

    There is a TrueSky driver crash that will occur randomly just when the game starts rendering, obviously, the sky.... It is believed that Wildcard are still waiting on/working with nVidia(possibly AMD - not sure) to get it resolved. It's akin to why DirectX 12 hasn't been implemented yet, driver-related issues. -WM
  10. A "Mod" is simply a data-mod really. It adds things to the game, or modifies them(core-data mods), but isn't just a map. @Jat For clarification purposes, I've been working on a project by myself that encompasses all three categories, would using the TC category be the most appropriate as that is the most drastic or consequential? -WM