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  1. Cannot Deploy: Class Dissallowed So i just hatched up a level 148 Rock Drake egg. I waited and imprinted until it was fully grown. I had to cryopod it because i was stupid and didnt bring it out of my house. But when i tried to throw it out it said in big red terrifying letters, Cannot Deploy: Class Not Allowed. Can someone please tell me how to fix it. It is a singleplayer Abberation server with the setting, Force Allow Cave Flyers on.
  2. Oh ok thank you. Im new to ark on the pc so i didnt know
  3. Managarmr not shooting far So i just tamed a decent level managarmr and it only shoots its ice breath a few feet ahead of it. I have to get super close to a creature to hit it with the breath. Is this a nerf or is a glitch or bug? Someone please explain.
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